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22nd Nov 2008, 22:47
Legends had different player logon option for PC playing. TRU is different.
Is there a way to extract saves, or play 2 progressions of the game by 2 different players?
I've looked in the directory C:\Program Files\Eidos\Tomb Raider - Underworld, where game auto-installed.
Are the saves named bigfile.00#?
Thanks :)

27th Nov 2008, 07:05
D'uh why I didn't do this b4?
I searched the name of one of my saves & found target in a different directory - not the same Program Files folder where the game installs by default.

Now I can re-name oversaves or swap them over with another player using the game on this PC :D

4th Jan 2009, 02:16
Into what directory or folder do I unzip the savegames so I can use them when I start the game? I installed them into the C/:Eidos folder as well as the \documents and settings\<yourname>\my documents\eidos\tomb raider - underworld\ folder. When I start the game I do not see the saves when trying to load.
Thanks to all