View Full Version : Stuck in Puppet No Longer (Coastal Thailand), please help!

22nd Nov 2008, 19:15
I'm stuck in the room with the big blue bridge, I turn it as far as I can, but it never reaches the door and there never seems to be a way to get back on the bridge.
Any help would be much appriciated, thanks in advance!
(I'm playing on the Wii)

22nd Nov 2008, 19:30
Turn it as far to the right as you can go after dropping down to the small platform. Then jump back up, go to the center (where the grapple ring is below you), drop off and immediately grapple. Swing over to the other platform (the outside edge, not the inner), and you will be able to grab the end of the bridge and move it. Move it between the last and second-to-last columns, move around it, then push as far as it will go. Then swing back using the grapple and you should be in business.

22nd Nov 2008, 20:06
and give the game 5 more minutes, you'll meet the dreadfull glitch ^_^ We're all stuck

22nd Nov 2008, 20:49
@ Curious101: I've been looking for grapple rings all over the place, and i've not found one! Are you sure there's grapple rings on the Wii version?
@ Lady_Lovett: You're kidding me right? -_-

22nd Nov 2008, 21:11
^ Wii gameplay differs in places, this section is one of them. There are no grapple rings, just a series of poles on either side of the movable wall.

Let us know if you see a pole when you get into the room...!

22nd Nov 2008, 21:26
Yeah I know about the poles on the side of the bridge, and I can get to to ledge around the outside of the wall to pull the bridge fine, but once I do that, I can't find a way of getting back on top of the bridge, and it's never close enough to the door anyway. There's one part of the broken platform I can never seem to get to either... (that's assuming you're supposed to)
What am I doing wrong?
EDIT: Also, I can see there's poles of both sides of the bridge, but I can only get onto the ones on the left side. How do you/do you need to use the poles on the right side?

22nd Nov 2008, 22:10
pull the wall till you can slip around the end to the other side. There's a bit of room for you to do so when you've moved it just right, it's hard to explain without pictures. And na I wasn't kidding. You'll see what we're talking about in a different thread in a bit.

22nd Nov 2008, 23:15
It seems so simple now -_- But I made it through the door so thanks a lot! I don't understand what this glitch is though, is it something that makes the game unplayable or something?

22nd Nov 2008, 23:22
Oops, sorry. I didn't realize it was different for the Wii. Sorry to steer you wrong.

24th Nov 2008, 07:08
If you found a lever in the next room that you could pull down, you were one of the lucky ones on the Wii. Most ( at least so far on this forums) of the Wii users entered this room with no lever to pull to open the underwater door. So we were stuck. So if you had one, no worries. Count your blessings and move on.