View Full Version : MAJOR BUG - Floating eyes?!?

22nd Nov 2008, 18:15
i was totaly psyched...pre perchased TRU on Steam about a week ago... after playing the DEMO, over and over again.
waited 8 hours for the game too download today, with nothing else on my mind....
then BAM!
the game starts, and all i can see is a pair of floating eyes and a pony tail... :confused:
im uploading an image of what i see to:

i have the following pc:
OS: Vista Ultimate x64
CPU: Itel Core2 Quad Q6600 @2.40Ghz
Mem: 4 Gb
GPU: ATI 3800 HD x 2 (tried with and without crossfire)

As i mentioned, the demo worked fine... no problems. but now im stuck... i cant play until a patch comes out... so please eidos!!!! HELP!!!!!
:mad2: :mad2: :mad2: :mad2:

22nd Nov 2008, 18:27
try to enable antiailasing in the setup menu.

22nd Nov 2008, 20:48


it works!!!!

turned on aliasing... and i see lara :D