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22nd Nov 2008, 12:44
I know, I know

I've dived in from the boat. I've found the two caves (one with circular doors and one with the jellyfish) and there is no second handle/key.

I enter the smaller cave, three jellyfish in front of me, to the right and down takes me to a second chamber with a plinth in the middle and four jellies off to the left. By the posts for stuck gamers so far, on this plinth there should be a nice shiny key to get me into the door in the main cave. Its not there.

There is another area above this one but its just a sloping sandy area with nought in it.

Please help.


22nd Nov 2008, 13:02
look for another cave nearby, not above but the same level as the other caves.

22nd Nov 2008, 13:18
The area is a little like this




A Main large structure with circular puzzle (and first key)
B Cave with jellyfish and three chambers (where I expected to find second key
C & D smaller caves with treasures

I'm still lost. do you mean carry on exploring cave B for more areas or do you mean I'm in the wrong cave?



22nd Nov 2008, 13:19
LOL the format of the post kinda destroyed that map (took all the spaces out LOL.

ABCD were in a rough diamond shape

22nd Nov 2008, 16:59
If you read my earlier post about the cave on the right, ignore that...I got a bit confused myself :nut:

I have edited the post with the correct answer.

As you come out of the large structure with the puzzle, look straight ahead and slightly to the left for a cave with the second handle.

I just finished the game and re-started to check this and this is where it ishould be..i'll post a couple of screen grabs shortly.

22nd Nov 2008, 17:28
The first shot here shows where the cave is as you exit the structure with the puzzle:


You swim into this cave , go past the jellyfish, head down and to the right you'll go through a doorway and to the right is where the key is: