View Full Version : "Underworld" stops after Disc Check

22nd Nov 2008, 09:20

After installation of TRU I tried to start the program.

The first thing I can see is the rotating disc icon (I consider copy protection), but after that the program stopws working without any information. The mouse cursor changes from disc symbol to pointer, and that's it.

My computer is an AMD X2 6400+ with NIVIDIA9800GTX+ graphics card, WIN XP Prof. SP3 , 4MB RAM and lots of drives.

Interesting matter is, that on this PC each one of my family has an own user account. Running TRU with an other account, the game works fine without problems!

What could be the problem with my account that TRU stops after checking for original disc in drive? As I'm the main user of this PC, I have installed some additional programs that are not accessible by the other users (all of us are ADMINs). For me it would be no problem to deinstall something that prevents TRU from working. But I would expect that TRU is showing some information, what prevents the execution on my account. But I get no further information.

Is there anyone who has the same problem or who could give me a hint how to play TRU with my account?