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22nd Nov 2008, 07:30
I've done Underworld now (on Master Survivalist) and I'm perplexed to find I've earned nothing more for my troubles than a load of crap artwork.

Can anyone tell me if it's worth going back and finding the last few secrets and relics? I'm already stunned to see there's no time trials or access to the cutscenes, so is there anything worthwhile to be had like infinite ammo or infinite adrenaline?

I don't include extra costumes as worthwhile by the way.

EDIT (many hours later)
I take it by the complete silence and lack of replies that I'm right in saying there's nothing more than crap concept art? This game is shelved, talk about a disappointment :mad2:

22nd Nov 2008, 18:08
TR games are always like this, 2-3 days of playing and you've completed it, waste of 40 really, but since the game is usually THAT good, you have to buy it.

Surely there is some kind of online feature they can come up with?

22nd Nov 2008, 19:01
i play it for fun, nothing more to replay it again when it done. yeah, just see what is good of generation 3d graphic that they bring to new games in 2008, especially for DX10. ;)

22nd Nov 2008, 21:27
Well they managed to add oodles of replay value to Legend. I still play that.

However, my motivation for replaying the game is that in a couple of days I'll have my new ATi Radeon 4870, instead of having to cope with my aging 7900 GS after my ATi Radeon 3850's fan stopped. :eek: