View Full Version : PC-version 100% done

21st Nov 2008, 17:27
Guys i finished gathering all relics and artifacts..only missing..to finish game on hard mode..doing it atm..(for bathing suit:)

so if u wonna here is savegame file


put file in:C:\Documents and Settings\UrcomputerNAme\My Documents\Eidos\Tomb Raider - Underworld

I will update a links soon with 100% game done..

Lara Croft.name
21st Nov 2008, 18:30
once you complete the game, to get the bathing suit simply choose the Treasure Hunt option from the main menu or select the Mediterranean Sea destination in the PDA

you can unlock Game Flow Storyboards if you complete the entire game on the Master Survivalist difficulty though

21st Nov 2008, 21:39
Then its my bad..coz i readed somewhere that u open new bathing suit on Master or hard dif. (w/e)..so i guess just story flow..

Guess i miss that coz TRU is too short(been a bit frustrated coz it)..when i done game(20h) i haved most of relics..missed 10 i think and 1 artifact from last level..all in general 24-25h to clear all and to get all relics and artifact..its just way too short:)

22nd Nov 2008, 06:24
Thanks, but your RapidShare link is not to the download. The other two mirror links work, though.