View Full Version : Underworld-Back to the roots!

21st Nov 2008, 05:43
Just got the new Underworld game, and I have to admit. This is the best tomb raider in a long time. The 2 games prior to this were pretty lame. It wasnt at all like the old games, and it made me lose interest in it. Im happy to say, the new game is back to the old roots. Awsome game so far!

21st Nov 2008, 06:21
1. You posted in the worng forum and should've posted this in the Official fan review thread (http://forums.eidosgames.com/showthread.php?t=82905)

2. TR-AOD was made by Core.

3. TR:L-TR:U was made by Crystal Dynamics.

4. Welcome to the forums.

Other then that, I agree with you, this game is fantastic, and they really out done themselves.

Glad to know that you enjoy the game. :)