View Full Version : Anyone know if the ps2 version is coming out on the same date :/?

19th Nov 2008, 23:34
I'm completely confused, and I need straight answers.
Apparently the ps2 version of Tomb Raider Underworld is coming out in the new years,
but Ive also bin told that its coming out on Friday, like every other console.
Please help! :confused: :(

20th Nov 2008, 16:24
I have an answer unfortunately...

It will not comeout on Friday. It's planed for next year. If you don't know what to belive, there are 2 solutions:

-Wait until Friday:rasp:
-Or chech the Pre-order thing at the Home of the Official Site to find out that you can't pre-order a copy for PS2. That should mean something to you.. and to us:( ... I

20th Nov 2008, 23:05
Oh ..WELL THAT SUCKS ! xD Thanks for the info though =] :nut: