View Full Version : MAJOR BUG - Young Xehanort Boss Battle Bug/Glitch

5th Aug 2012, 08:58
Just played all the way through to the boss battle with Riku vs Young Xehanort. In the second half of the battle a clock appears and you need to destroy the clock whilst being attacked by xehaort phantoms to finish the battle, as all the videos i checked showed. But for some reason in my game, halfway through destroying the clock, it disappears completely and i cant progress AT ALL!!!

Any thoughts?

5th Aug 2012, 09:16
Well, first of all, How do you get to that point? I can't do more than about a bar and a half of damage to him before he kills me, so am i too low of a level? I haven't had any trouble with the rest of the game, so if you could help me out there, maybe i can get to that point and see if it happens to me, or possibly you just have a defect in your game. Thanks.

5th Aug 2012, 17:07
doesnt matter now, finally worked in the end, the only thing i did different was that i waited til the clock had a lock-on symbol appear and THEN i attacked it, didnt glitch at all. Hope this helps anyone else who might hav had this problem.

And Tait, i was level 35 when i did it, had 2 curaga and commands like dark splicer and shadowbreaker. aparted from tht i just blocked and countered. hopefully that might help if u havnt already done it

5th Aug 2012, 18:54
Geez 35? I leveled to 40 for that. It was easy to breeze through after that but was it time consuming for you?

5th Aug 2012, 19:36
that battle wasnt so bad but i was about levle 38 when i did it. mostly just double jumped and that got me out of range of most of his moves

6th Aug 2012, 17:40
I actually beat the battle at level 30 on my first try lol, but still... That is a strange bug.... You sure it just isn't switching over to the next part of the fight? If you fail to kill the clock fast enough you actually have to fight YMX again to get it to reappear.

7th Aug 2012, 01:12
Right, you're on an not-initially-apparent time limit when you're up against the clock form of Xehanort. You can actually see the clock hands moving backwards as you attack it: once it reaches the 12:00 position, the battle will literally rewind itself back to the intro scene. The battle also rewinds if you miss the initial Reality Shift prompt.

If that happened, then it's a completely intended effect.

8th Aug 2012, 18:53
I breezed thorugh that battle easily at level 30. Not a hard boss at all to beat.

12th Aug 2012, 01:54
i actually had this exact same problem, "nick"
are you saying you had to start the fight over again?

14th Aug 2012, 18:29
he was difficult had to be around level 40

14th Aug 2012, 21:17
I played through that part as well. He wasn't too much of a problem for me either but still a good battle. I liked the unpredictability of Young Xehanort because it made me change up my strategy with the spirits I had. Other than that he was nothing hard. NOW Julius is something else. That thing really has to be beaten with the right team and abilities as well as a fair amount of reaction times to adjust to his fighting style.

17th Aug 2012, 16:24
huh is that so?

18th Aug 2012, 19:15
Also, major spoiler in the title of this! I noticed this a few days ago but didn't want to open it to point that out til I beat the game- didn't need MORE spoilers...

Kinda not fair to title it as such... So yeah, thanks for ruining that for me...