View Full Version : Class Names

25th Jan 2014, 06:51
I hope everyone is enjoying the news about the game. I had an older question though: why do you think the developers decided to give more common class names to the vampires? I get the human classes (hunter, scout, alchemist) but why didn't they just leave the vampires as their clan names? The only two reasons I can think for this is to not scare off newer players with odd sounding names ("what the hell is a Razielim?") or to leave the door open to variant classes among the clans. Any thoughts?

26th Jan 2014, 22:10
Maybe because the strange names, as you say, might have put people off a bit? Variant classes might be quite interesting - if it was done well. I don't quite know how you vary on something like the Turelim however.

26th Jan 2014, 22:30
For something like the Turelim you go with where the strength is. Like strength to use certain weapons or hand to hand combat.

27th Jan 2014, 07:59
I suppose so. But if those Turelim were big enough to demolish things to rubble and break enemies bare-handed, weapons for them would be a bit pointless. You could give them something ranged, but that would upset the balance, at least how it stands. It would be a bit like giving a fish knife to a gorilla. A knife is a dangerous weapon in a skilled, or speedy user, but not really worth a gorilla's time, should it have the inclination to cause real harm.