View Full Version : PORT Kingdom hearts hd 1.5 remix and 2.5 remix to xbox 360 or xbox one

25th Jan 2014, 02:14
Hi Square Enix this is Brian the creator of the petition to bring KH HD 1.5 remix to the Xbox platform and I’m asking if you guys could work with Phil Spencer the Vice President of Microsoft gaming studios to bring KH HD 1.5 remix to the Xbox platform. He even signed my petition and tweeted that he is willing to support this (look at the link below). I’m sure you're aware that many loyal kingdom hearts fans exist on the Xbox platform and many of us like myself feel isolated that kingdom hearts HD 1.5 remix and 2.5 remix was kept as a Ps3 exclusive instead of porting it to the Xbox as well. Kingdom hearts HD 1.5 remix and 2.5 remix has important story information and can be used to strengthen the Xbox fanbase and create even more fans before kingdom hearts 3 comes out. You could even put both remixes in one game and maybe give it a different title for us ( kingdom hearts awakening sounds like a great title to me) My petition gets stronger by the day and it represents the bravest Xbox fans who are willing to let their feelings be known. So I ask Phil Rogers Ceo of Square Enix to get permission and implement a port for the Xbox fanbase. We will not purchase kingdom hearts 3 without it and we are willing to boycott all square Enix games and products until a port is announced. You can no longer isolate dedicated fans on different platforms as you see fit. I Hope this message along with the petition and other posts allows you guys to see that porting this game to the Xbox platform will not only mean success and revenue but respect earned from your fans on the Microsoft platform. :thumb:



25th Jan 2014, 02:53
We need this game on the xbox. It's killing me that they aren't.

25th Jan 2014, 03:00
Before KH3 comes out, EVERY GAMER needs to know where the story came from. How could fans who own a 360 do that without a port?

25th Jan 2014, 03:01
Please Square, I beg you to bring this game to the Xbox 360. It isn't fair for non ps3 users to go out and spend 300 dollars just to play this game. so please, I beg you, Don't neglect your loyal fans, and bring this to the Xbox 360.

25th Jan 2014, 03:01
I think the same, i would love to have the oportunity to play this great game on my xbox 360. The last I play it was on my PS2, which I sold many years ago.
So, please Square Enix, bring this game to all the KH fans on Xbox!

25th Jan 2014, 03:04
Oh, how I would buy this game in an instant. Please Square Enix, give us KIngdom Hearts 1.5 and 2.5 for Xbox!

25th Jan 2014, 03:05
I concur with the poster. the Xbox 360 is a recommended if not necessary step for Xbox players unfamiliar with the series to have a full rundown of the start of the series.

25th Jan 2014, 03:06
I agree with you. Kingdom Hearts should be available for ALL GAMERS . Ps3 and 360 alike

25th Jan 2014, 03:06
I have been a kingdom hearts fan for many years in fact its really the only game i play. ive tried other but they don't bring me the joy kingdom hearts does. myself like thousands and im sure many others who will post here cannot afford to just go buy a new system because are favorite game is on that system. as much as I would like to I can't I have children bills and school so its really unrealistic for me to do such a thing. as with the constitution I think there should be equal rights for gamers. we all should have the same opportunities to play the games we love without being forced to spend an outrageous amount of money just for one game. with that said I hope u will make kingdom hearts avaliable on Xbox 360 and give the gamers who keep your companies thriving the opportunities to play there beloved games on every platform.im for gaming equality whose with me???

25th Jan 2014, 03:13
Yeah listen to this guy Square putting it on 360 and PS3 would be great for all KH fans.

25th Jan 2014, 03:13
Please! Kingdom hearts was my childhood game, and i just played "kingdom hearts 2" and i really neger finished it. Now my ps2 is broken and i have the xbox, so thats why im here. I Want Kingdom Hearts For Xbox!!!

25th Jan 2014, 03:31
SE, please, Kingdom Hearts is loved by mane gamers around the world, and now that KH3 is coming to X1, I dont understand why you dont bring the collection X360 or X1, please make this happen konami did bring MGS HD, and Capcom with DMC HD, even you bring Hitman HD collection, why KH has to be different???

25th Jan 2014, 03:38
Please! We need Kingdom Hearts 1.5 & 2.5 on Xbox

25th Jan 2014, 03:48
please square enix, several users of the Xbox console somo big fans of this saga, and entristese we could not continue the adventures of sora in kingdom hearts remix please put the 1.5 and 2.5 so that the fans continue to grow and have more opportunity to know.

and e seen several users play station 3 who say they want to play, I think a total lack of respect that and leave saying "if you want to play buy a play 3" or is the rivalry between consoles can not go on like this, with all I hope you can respect I throw these great remix on xbox 360.

Thanks for your attention

25th Jan 2014, 04:12
hey, i´m from a page of Kingdom Hearts for Latin America, Kingdom Hearts Blog. I want to suppert this petticion because I think it would be amazing see Kingdom Hearts on Xbox, that will help to extend the series to more people and reach more fans and make more people happy. Please bring it to Xbox 360, it´ll be great!!!/ Hola soy de una pagina de Kingdom Hearts para Latino America, Kingdom Hearts Blog. Yo quiero apoyar esta peticion por que pienso que seria asombroso ver Kingdom Hearts en Xbox y ayudaria a extender la serie a mas personas y llegar a mas fans y hacer a mas gente feliz. Por Favor traiganlo a Xbox 360, seria genial!!!

Link to the page!!! (you can translate it to english at the end of the page!)/Link a la pagina: http://www.khlastnewsblog.blogspot.mx

25th Jan 2014, 04:14
Please i want play Kingdom Hearts 1.5 and 2.5 on my Xbox, please, listen us.

25th Jan 2014, 04:34
I fully support this and I would absolutely love to have the Kingdom Hearts remix games on xbox 360

25th Jan 2014, 04:38
many kingdom hearts fans exist on Xbox. I first played on the ps2 and ive been playing since. I absolutely love this game and the thought of it on the 360 excites me to no end. Not only can it benefit it's players but it will also benefit your company. Make many gamers dream come true and port this fabulous game to the xbox360. FOR THE GLORY OF HEARTS!

25th Jan 2014, 04:51
All of the Kingdom Hearts games should be coming to Xbox One and 360 if Kingdom Hearts 3 is coming to PS4 AND Xbox One. How did that even make sense to not even announce that beforehand? Bring the previous KH to the fans on Xbox One and 360 before you throw newcomers into KH3. Obviously that does them no justice until you do.

25th Jan 2014, 05:26
Please bring Kh 1.5 to 360. I played both on playstation 2 when they came out. 2 is probably my favorite game ever but now I have a 360 and one. If it came to one of those systems I would buy it for sure.

25th Jan 2014, 05:35
Please i want play Kingdom Hearts 1.5 and 2.5 on my Xbox

25th Jan 2014, 05:38
Kingdom Hearts 1.5 and 2.5 NEED TO BE on the Xbox 360! Please bring both of these games to the 360!

25th Jan 2014, 05:43
Seria muy genial poder jugar kingdom Hearts en mi xbox 360! Es un juego espectacular. Todos sus juegos me encantan!

25th Jan 2014, 05:43
Please port Kingdom Hearts 1.5 and 2.5 over to either the 360 or xbox one. It is my favourite game from when I owned a ps2. My only regret for selling it is that I could not play kingdom hearts anymore. Also with the amount of support just this petition alone has you guys will profit from this decision, as I know many more people are eager for this to happen that have not even heard of the petition yet

25th Jan 2014, 05:57
Please! We need these games for the 360! No one will know what kingdom hearts is if they only play the 3rd one on the Xbox one.
So please we need these games for the 360 so everyone can enjoy and understand the wonderful game series kingdom hearts

25th Jan 2014, 06:12
We need this game on the xbox!!!!!

25th Jan 2014, 07:19

25th Jan 2014, 08:20
Please port the Kingdom Hearts HD remakes for the Xbox 360! Please? :'( There are more gamers than you realize on Xbox 360 that want these games! You won't regret it at all if u do it.

25th Jan 2014, 09:32
Please port the Kingdom Hearts HD remakes for the Xbox 360!

25th Jan 2014, 10:45
Xbox really need these games for kingdom hearts 3 to be a successful game. It makes perfect sense for the fans to get reminded of everything started. No games should be exclusive anymore, besides why release kingdom hearts 3 to xbox if you're not going to port the remixes.

25th Jan 2014, 10:55
Bring the remakes to xbox 360!

25th Jan 2014, 10:59
These games must be available for xbox, How can the xbox one have KH3 if the previous games have never arrived on xbox

25th Jan 2014, 11:33
I agree with this post since Kingdom hearts was my childhood game growing up and it would be good to relive the story before i get Kingdom hearts 3 on xbox one.

25th Jan 2014, 11:33
please make kingdom hearts remix 1,5 and 2,5 to xbox 360 i love kingdom Hearts ever since i was little but they almost only have them on playstation and then i cant play them i hvae been trying hard to play every game in the serie but its a little tough if you dont have the right consoles. so i hope that you all can turn it to xbox 360 and even games that are going to come on the sereie i hope you take it to xbox 360 too

25th Jan 2014, 11:43
I currently own all the current versions of Kingdom Hearts and I would surely buy the new ones for X360. That coupled with the new KH3 will make an awesome collection, :3!!!!

25th Jan 2014, 11:47
We really do need this and also Kindom Hearts 2.5 I wish they would have done this from the start

25th Jan 2014, 12:35
I played both kingdom hearts games growing up, and have already pre-ordered KH3. I would absolutely buy 1.5 and 2.5 if they came out on Xbox platforms. Please listen to your fans and make them available.

25th Jan 2014, 13:07
Hey Square Enix,,, Im talking for Every Honduran at this moment...

You have to port HD 1.5 and 2,5 remix to Xbox 360 Console... That would be awesome! Thats the only way xbox fans would buy KH3, if u let us play the first ones!

PD: If u want more public you should also port it to pc, and also release KH3 to pc. Thats better for the fan1

25th Jan 2014, 13:59
I grew up with kingdom hearts, and i would love to see this game avaiable for as many gamers as possible, so please square bring this game to the xbox platform.

25th Jan 2014, 14:41
Square, this game is important to many people! Please bring it on the Xbox 360!

25th Jan 2014, 14:42
This would be a dream coming true :D

25th Jan 2014, 15:00
Please make this happen both KH 1.5 and 2.5 would most likely sell more copies on xbox 360 then they would on ps3 do to more xbox 360 owners being out there this seems like a no brainier to me!!!!!

25th Jan 2014, 15:38
I really love kingdom hearts and it would be a hit of the year if i came out on xbox 360

25th Jan 2014, 16:09
Please, bring KH to xbox 360! If we'll have KH3 in Xbox one, why can't we get the previous ones?

25th Jan 2014, 16:38
Please, we need this games on Xbox.

25th Jan 2014, 16:41
I am willing to support the port of KH 1.5 Remix and we need it.

25th Jan 2014, 17:31
I have been a Kingdom Hearts fan since I was 8. I'm anticipating Kingdom Hearts 3, but I've fallen behind in the story since I cannot accurately recall the events of Kingdom Hearts 1 and 2. I don't own a PS3, and I don't want to buy one. Please port the Kingdom Hearts Remix series to the Xbox 360.

25th Jan 2014, 17:50
Kingdom Hearts is my favourite game series of all time. Seeing how 1.5 hd remix was only on PS3 made me so annoyed that I wouldn't be able to play Chain of Memories (as it is an American port) and hearing that Birth by Sleep was coming to the 2.5 HD remix was like the best news ever. Square Enix, if you do this, you would have made me and thousands of other KH fans incredibly happy! This needs to happen!

25th Jan 2014, 18:36
I REALLY wish KH1.5 and KH2.5 on the Xbox platform as well! I can't wait to play those classics again! I have all the games and it was amazing to see that KHIII is coming for Xbox One, but now that it happened, we need new players to get into the game too, and if KH1.5 and KH2.5 released either on 360 or the Xbox One, it would be perfect! An instant buy for me.
Can't wait to see those achievements popping on the screen while playing these *O*

25th Jan 2014, 19:39
We need these games on the Xbox platform! It's only on the Playstation platform and I, as well as many other, do not own and cannot get a Playstaion. This is unfair and it needs to be changed. A friend of mine can't even play the games because he does not have, nor can get, the correct stations for them. Please make the games playable for other platforms!

25th Jan 2014, 21:18
Plz bring Kingdom Hearts to Xbox 360.

25th Jan 2014, 21:44
To see this game brought to the Xbox 360 would be an astonishing accomplishment on your part, and a guaranteed buy on my part. I would love nothing more than to see this happen.Keep up the good work :) and do your best to make this became a reality.

25th Jan 2014, 22:05
I have played almost all the Kingdom Hearts games, except for the first one, Chain of Memories and Birth by Sleep.. I remember playing Kindom Hearts II first, and it was just fantastic. Then i played through 358&2 Days and Re:Coded for the DS. I love the series more and more for every game :3.... Also I just bought a 3DS XL with Dream Drop Distance, and i can't wait to play through it!
The main reason i want KH 1.5 to the Xbox, is because i want to play through every KH game there is, cause it is one of the greatest game series of all time. I do have an Xbox 360, but not a PS3. It woudn't be a problem getting a PS3, but Xbox 360 users should be able to get the same experience as PS3 games, and especially since KH III is coming to both Xbox One and PS4.
Also getting KH 2.5 to the Xbox would be magnificent! Everyone should be able to experience such a great game series, no matter which console you use. Anyways, i will be waiting hopefully for KH 1.5 and 2.5 for Xbox.. :3

25th Jan 2014, 23:39
As a die hard Kingdom Hearts fan I was absolutely thrilled you decided to release KH 3 on both consoles, but disappointed you weren't going to release the hd versions for Xbox! You are neglecting thousands of Kingdom Hearts fans with the ps3 exclusivity! We will buy the game there's no doubt you are losing money by not releasing the HD versions on Xbox! I hope you hear our cry and change your mind...
A life long Kingdom Hearts fan

26th Jan 2014, 06:30
It would be awesome if they came on the Xbox 360 or even the Xbox One. I really like the series and will most likely buy them if they did make it over.

26th Jan 2014, 07:26
They are not going to port it to 360...KH 1 and KH2 were for ps2 and never came out for xbox so it is simple to upgrade graphics and release on ps3 since it is similar to the ps2 just with higher graphics. And you are all saying that the 360 should get it so that people could play 1-2 before playing it on xbox one...xbox one is not the 360 so that really does not matter. If you all wanted to play KH so bad you should of played it back on ps2 or get a ps3 they are cheap now...not to mention ps3 has a larger number of quality exclusives than 360 anyway. And before anyone says I am just a playstation fanboy, I own almost all systems ps-ps3 xbox-360 and snes-wiiu. I just do not have the new ones because I am waiting for more games to be released.

26th Jan 2014, 07:48
Kingdom Hearts HD Remixes 1.5 and 2.5 need to come to the XBOX 360. Square Enix make it happen it will help garner hype for Kingdom Hearts 3, which equates to better sales.

26th Jan 2014, 13:09
Please port this game to 360! Everyone who has a 360 needs to play these games before KH3 comes out so they will buy it and understand what is going on in the story!!

26th Jan 2014, 13:42


its idiot when you just release kh3 on the xbox one because you would not now anything about KH and the story

we xbox fans who are also kh fans from childhood chose xbox because its an amazing console

we want in all plattforms the KH games
especially the remixes, they are NOT exclusive for PS3, you should bring it out me and my 100 friends would buy these games for xbox 360
please bring also the german sync again when you do

we want 1.5 and 2.5 HD Remix for xbox 360/ one

26th Jan 2014, 14:12
If you all wanted to play KH so bad you should of played it back on ps2 or get a ps3 they are cheap now...not to mention ps3 has a larger number of quality exclusives than 360 anyway.

Hey, don't make assumptions. I DID play the game on PS2 back when PS2 was the console you HAD to own, and most others on this thread probably did too. You really think people just want this out of thin air? Too bad both PS2s I had owned previously just suddenly stopped reading discs.

26th Jan 2014, 15:13
If you expect xbox fans to buy kingdom hearts 3, you have a duty to offer us the full story too. Port kingdom hearts 1 and 2 to xbox or I can assure you you won't make a lot of money on kingdom hearts 3 for xbox.

26th Jan 2014, 15:45
Yes please i want it so much. It will be great to be able to play kh 1.5 on the xbox since i dont own a ps3.

26th Jan 2014, 19:08
I support this also I would gladly spend money on a limited edition for the Xbox 360 or better

26th Jan 2014, 19:13
Just because a PS3 is cheaper doesn't mean people will buy it, I'd rather not go buy a new system just to play one game. I've also played all of them already doesn't mean I wouldn't want it on the 360 because why not.

26th Jan 2014, 20:25
Alright Square Enix here's the deal, I have been a fan of your beloved Kingdom Hearts series for years! And I mean, since 2002. I have played every single one of your games. ALL my life I've wanted to play English versions of your final mix games, and you release them but for the PS3 and not the Xbox 360! I switched to the Xbox when I realized that KH3 wasn't going to be released on the PS3, and there were way more games I wanted to play on the Xbox 360! Also, with the release of Final Fantasy XIII on the 360, I had hoped that you were gonna release all other games on the 360. Regardless, I own a 360! It drives me crazy that I cannot play your final mix English HD remastered limited edition awesome freaking decimal point 1.5 2.5 games on my 7th generation console. So please, do us all a favor and release those games on the 360. I know that you're also releasing KH3 on the Xbox One so why not! Besides, imagine how many MORE customers you will earn that played the remix games on the 360 and then KH3 one the Xbox ONE! You will have the Sony and Microsoft customers on the palms of your hands with KH3. I appreciate all the work you guys do, you make great games and continue to do so with Kh3 and FF XIV. But Im writing this message right now to tell you guys that this move, is not only a strategic move, but it's pleasing US! YOUR FANS! This is so crucial for the success of KH3! Let's face it, there are a lot of new gamers who dont have a clue about Kingdom Hearts! Lets show those guys the best damn game series on the planet by releasing and promoting the crap out of Kh HD remix 1.5 and 2.5 on the 360. I'm your life long fan Square. Please, I ask you Tetsuya Nomura, Phil Rogers, Yosuke Matsuda, Yasuhiro Fukushima, and the REST of Square ENIX to do THiS for US the FANS! We need you guys! You changed our lives! (At least mine anyways!) I love you guys keep up the great work!

26th Jan 2014, 20:53
Can't wait for kingdom hearts 3 for xbox one hope we get a port of 1.5 & 2.5 so I can catch up with the story before Kingdom hearts 3

26th Jan 2014, 23:08
Hi, Square Enix
Can you please put in a port for Kingdom Hearts 1.5 and 2.5 HD Remix games on the Xbox 360.
I too am a beloved fan of the series and the story that is Kingdom Hearts has taught me so many important life lessons when I was young such as to never give up as when someone believes in something then somewhere down the line it will happen. I am not alone in believing that kingdom hearts will have a port for the 360 and together with the many others that love kingdom hearts our hearts will be one. Even though everyone is different its just like what Kairi said but in terms of this context there are many gamers who love Kingdom Hearts but they share the same sky - one sky, one destiny. The door to the light is where Kingdom Hearts can be enjoyed by everyone regardless of what console they own.
So Square Enix, believe in what Kairi has said to us all and bring Kingdom Hearts a port on the Xbox 360.

27th Jan 2014, 04:22
Its not that we want the games to be ported on the xbox 360 or xbox one. We need them to be ported, Ik it will take some time to discuss this matter on porting it. Some of us have been fans for a long and some of us want to get into the series but we can't due to console limitations. So please I ask of thee to bring it to us the people of Microsoft.

27th Jan 2014, 11:14
Ser*a fantástico poder disfrutar de este maravilloso juego en mi Xbox360,

27th Jan 2014, 12:56
It would be great to be able to enjoy this saga in my xbox 360!!.

I have hear great comments on these games, and I have watched a couple of videos and it looks awsome!

As a huge fan of Final Fantasy and Star Ocean (among others) i would like to play this game on my xbox 360.

27th Jan 2014, 16:58
So I wish to understand the thought process you are having square enix:

You will release the conclusion to this part of the series, after like 6 games, none of which have ever been released on any form of xbox device, on xbox one, but you are unwilling to release the previous games which you already remastered for the ps3 onto the xbox 360?
Exactly how are you planning to acquire new customers for the series.
Read the petition! Thousands of people, including Phil Spencer, wish to bring kingdom hearts 1.5 and 2.5 onto xbox. Please lesson to the voice of the people and bring them onto the xbox! Not doing so is like looking at money in the face, nodding, and then walking away!

27th Jan 2014, 17:31
Finally! The chance to have one of the greatest series of games brought to the Xbox. If anyone doesn't want this then they are foolish.
Bring them to the Xbox!

27th Jan 2014, 17:49
i'm not buying KINGDOM HEARTS III or any Square Enix product unless they release Kingdom hearts hd 1.5 remix and 2.5 remix to xbox 360 or xbox one. cancelled my Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition :naughty:

27th Jan 2014, 19:09
Im a big KH fan, and I've purchased lots of SE games and merchandising. I think i should can play KH 1.5 and 2.5 on my 360!

27th Jan 2014, 20:51
Please port Kingdom hearts 1.5/2.5 HD Remix to Xbox 360 plz. they are the best games of PS2, and i wanna replay it. :)

28th Jan 2014, 03:34
give us kh 1 and 2 on xbox

28th Jan 2014, 04:53
We need kingdom hearts 1.5 and 2.5 for xbox 360 there are so many fans that have xbox but are not able to play their favorite childhood game

28th Jan 2014, 17:14
Pleas please pleeeeeeeeeeeeaase bring kingdom hearts 1.5 remix and kingdom hearts 2.5 remix to the Xbox 360 I haven't played this game since my ps2 broke and I am dying to replay these games

29th Jan 2014, 19:53
I have been a fan of this amazing franchise since the PS2 and feel that it is incredibly unfair that no Xbox users can relive or discover these games because of a choice of console, a choice many people (like myself) made years ago. It would also be bad for KH3 sales on the xbox platform as many people will not know the very complex story or just how sheer brilliant these games are. Please Square, bring these games to Xbox so that more people can experience the Kingdom Hearts franchise before KH3 is released.

30th Jan 2014, 00:12
I'm someone who has enjoyed almost every game Square has made that I have played and I absolutely love Kingdom Hearts. It would mean a lot to me and so many others if we got the HD Remixs on the Xbox consoles as well as for Playstation owners. So please Square from a fan of your games, especially Kingdom Hearts please port these games and let everyone enjoy Kingdom Hearts. I mean if you did it for Final Fantasy why not Kingdom Hearts? Anyways I hope this thread get's your attention and I hope everyone will get the chance to play these amazing games.

30th Jan 2014, 07:41
Come on make it for xbox 360

1st Feb 2014, 03:43
I don't know why, but I can see Sony buying the exclusivity closer to KH3's launch. But if not, they really should port KH1 and KH2 to the Xbox 360. Unless Sony helped fund the game but I'm not sure if they did.

5th Feb 2014, 16:43
I'm a huge fan of the KH series, I still have a PS2 just to play KH1 and 2. I also recently bought the 1.5 HD remix for the PS3, but seeing as I just bought the X1, and prefer to play the Xbox 360 over the PS3, I would really appreciate seeing both HD remakes either on Xbox 360 or even Xbox One. Both would be an instant buy as I love playing those games, and never had the chance to actually dive in to Birth by Sleep, 358/2 Days, Chain of Memories, or Re:Coded. I also want to give my PS3 to my friend so she can play skyrim to her hearts content. In any case, I feel the game could still sell pretty well on the Xbox. Especially considering the lack of really good child-friendly games. Kingdom Hearts has always been great in that sense. People of all ages can enjoy it. Sadly Xbox does not have a lot of that, and it would be nice to see that change to some degree.

9th Feb 2014, 19:52
I`m a big fan of KH and have been since i first played it so many years ago. It was the first game i was properly into and the first series i followed. But during the past years i sold all my play station stuff and moved to xbox and i really dont want to buy and ps3 just to relive my childhood memories of these games. and as a bonous its the final mix versions, i have always wanted to play these but they were never available to me untill now

11th Feb 2014, 15:28
how about spend 100-150 and get a ps3 to play. then u get to play all other titles.

16th Feb 2014, 00:49
how about Kingdom Hearts 3 is coming to the xbox One so we shouldn't have to purchase another system we really dont want for one game. . This game has important story content and is a game we dont want to miss out on . And dropping 100-150 on a system that is no longer current is really best option either u know.

28th Feb 2014, 02:44
I completely disagree with this thread Kingdom Hearts 1.5 and 2.5 should remain exclusively on PlayStation. Its already bad enough that number three will also be on xbox one. If people want to get 1.5 or 2.5 they should get them for the system they were intended for. Any real fan of the series knows it belongs on the PlayStation and not in the tainted hands of xbox.

12th Mar 2014, 06:58
If this came out for the Xbox 360 or Xbox One, my wallet would definitely be lighter.

12th Mar 2014, 13:17
Square enix needs to make these games for xbox 360 since there also making kh3 for xbox one. Do you all think they might do this ?
also sign this petition to help make it happen.


14th Mar 2014, 18:56
Si Square enix hace un port de KH 1.5 y KH 2.5 para xbox 360 definitivamente comprare tambien el KH3 para Xbox One.. :)

22nd Mar 2014, 03:26
Dear Square, As a fan of the Kingdom Hearts series since the PS2 and for someone who has bought all the games please don't port the Remixes to xbox and focus on your current titles. Most fans of the series anticipated that Kingdom hearts 3 might come out on PS3, bought the console for that reason years ago and patiently waited for the game to release(me included) Alas all that came were Side stories released on portable consoles, those on xbox most likely didn't contribute into what made the series a success anyway and don't deserve the experience if they didn't follow the series.
If anything please port the remixes to the Wii U, because those fans who bought the Side Stories that were released on the DS and 3DS were what made those successful and they deserve to at least experience the first two KH games released on PS2 in HD.
thanks for reading, hope you do the right thing for your true fans who waited for you.

1st Apr 2014, 11:38
Dear SquareEnix,

I have been a fan of your games for a long time ranging from the Final Fantasy series to the Kingdom Hearts series to the new Tomb Raider. Do not hold your Xbox fans back by not giving us Kingdom Hearts. Listen to us and make kingdom hearts 1,5 and 2,5 available for Xbox 360. No doubt that a lot of gamers are waiting for this to happen. Storywise it would be relevant to release the previous Kingdom Hearts on the Xbox. I'm hoping you will hear our pleas and show us your good nature!

I thank you in advance!

17th Apr 2014, 17:28
Dear Square Enix.

I have followed the Kingdom Hearts series on Sony series and own the 1.5 for PS3 (great collection). Please dismiss those who state that XBox owners cannot be real Kingdom Hearts fans or state that the games will be tainted (silly because the games are great no matter what system they'd end up on). Most gamers probably have owned the PS2 games at some point. Real Kingdom Hearts fans want to spread Kingdom Hearts so that everyone can play them. Releasing the Kingdom Hearts game on the XBox 360 (XBox One would actually be preferable) would be good so that more can play the Kingdom Hearts games and so that no one is out of the loop. I'd probably rebuy the games again if they get released on the 360 or XBox One.

22nd Apr 2014, 01:27
Dear Square Enix:

I'm fan of this saga I played all the KH games and complete all the games to 100% and I'm a Xbox 360 user, people says that Xbox user can't be a real fan of this saga and I don't think so, I have Xbox because when I bought it ( 5 years ago ) it was more cheaper than PS3 and I never would think in one future the KH 1, CoM, 358/2 Days, BBS, KH 2 and KH Re:Coded will apear in HD Remix. I have KH 1 and 2 for PS2, 358/2 Days and Re:Coded for DS and the other ( CoM,DDD and BBS) I played with the GBA.3DS or PSP of a friend, but I bought the games and play with his 3DS,GBA or PSP. Now I can buy the KH 1.5 HD Remix and play with the PS3 of my friend, so I don't have any problem with the game is only for PS3 but there a people who don't have this luck like me. So I'm a favor of this petition.

One more thing, people who says a Xbox user can't be a real fan of Kingdom Hearts, why we can be real fans ? I love Kingdom Hearts is my favourite game and I'm a really fan of Square Enix I love Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy.

People of Square Enix, please if you read me think about all the people who want that and release 1.5 and 2.5 for Xbox it will be better for all I think.

Greetings from Spain.

9th Jun 2014, 04:19
sQUARE ENIX Please listen to your fans that would make this a day one buy if released on the xbox platform.there are millions of xbox fans who would buy this incredible game so please listen to your consumers and release it on the xbox platform you wont regret it.

9th Jun 2014, 06:20
Dear, Square Enix.

Hi, my name is, Nestor Rivas. I'm only going to keep this one line formal for you. What I would like to say to you though is that I'm not just one but I am of many Kingdom Hearts fans. The thing is, I would love to relive the memories I've shared with family and friends of Kingdom Hearts 1.5 and 2.5 but I have the Xbox 360 and the Xbox One. Having only Xbox does not mean I am not a dedicated fan of the amazing franchise you brought to so many people. When I think of Kingdom Hearts I reminisce on the heart-felt joy I had from fighting Sephiroth in both Kingdom Hearts 1 and 2 or go head to head with the 1000 Heartless. I truly loved the game. I tried to port a Japanese version of Kingdom Hearts 2 along with a Japanese Playstation 2 just to have the extra content. I completely 100% Kingdom Hearts 2. I loved it that much and I would reply it constantly. Certain Playstation fans might say I'm not a true fan because I didn't stick with Playstation for your game. Well, they're wrong. Just because I game on xbox doesn't mean I don't love the game you have made for us "Gamers" I love the story I love the gameplay. I get chilled every time I hear it Utada Hikaru sing Simple and Clean. Just because I didn't have the system it was for didn't mean that I didn't go great lengths just to play them. From a kid who had nothing your game kept me strong and going. I was picked on immensely and I would have done anything to be in the world of Kingdom Hearts. It moved me when I was younger and to date it still moves me as an adult. You've created something I could never and will never forget. And you know I've met an amazing girl who feels the same passion for Kingdom Hearts as I do. I'm just a loyal fan for the games you make and this is just a plea from me to you, but I would do anything and go anywhere just to have Kingdom Heart 1.5 and 2.5 ported to the xbox 360. And please believe me, there are many more like me who share the same true devotion for Kingdom Hearts. Gamers are meant to game together and enjoy each game equally. I believe people shouldn't be biased towards a game. Every true gamer will understand that they would want such a great game given to the widest range of people out there. So I'm begging Square Enix from a loyal fan who wants to rekindle the precious memories he hold dear to his heart. Please bring Kingdom Hearts 1.5 and 2.5 to Xbox.

Nestor Rivas.

9th Jun 2014, 18:46
Dear Square Enix,
I'm a huge fan of Kingdom Hearts and I've been playing for many years.
I’ve played part of the KH1 and KH2 on my cousins Ps2 and played all the ds/3ds games in my 3ds. But I never owned a Ps product (couldn't at first, but nowadays I simply prefer the Xbox).
So it would be amazing to be able to play these games in my Xbox 360 and be able to relive the wonderful story from the start and play it on my own.
E3 is just around the corner so I decided to try and be one more voice asking for KH 1.5 and 2.5 to be released to Xbox 360 (though it's understandable if they're made to xbox one... still hope they're made to xbox 360).
KH3 is possibly the last KH game, at least the last following this story line. And for now it’s the only game Xbox fans will get... It’s not right and many may choose not to buy it for they will not know the previous games stories.
So please make this happen!
Many people have been waiting for these games to be in their gaming console and would be truly happy to buy and play it!

Best regards from Portugal! :friends:

9th Jun 2014, 22:28
Hey Square! We want KH for xbox. We want to give you our money, we want to be your fans, we want to spread your game like a virus. What are you waiting for? throw KH our way and watch what we do with it. Watch your game explode into an even bigger empire. Thank you.

12th Jun 2014, 18:27
UPDATE: Go to this website and vote it up and spread this link around! http://xbox.uservoice.com/forums/251647-gaming-achievements/suggestions/6031486-kingdom-hearts-collection-for-xbox-one

12th Jun 2014, 18:42
Hi first,
I myself have also played from the beginning KH.
But unfortunately I must say that I when I heard about the KH 3 on X one
appears I'm with beaming grin just go and can expect as it is hardly witer.
But unfortunately, I would really like to know whether planned or drag in the preamble KH 1.5 and 2.5 to publish on the one for the 360 I'm a total xbox fan and I would not only like the games core points of all there on my one :) I want the samlung my favorite, game have on my favorite console.
and not turn me ne to pick ps4 or rent that is not really the coolest.
Thus before KH 3 comes out again quickly sends out 1.5 and 2.5 ..
best regards

13th Jun 2014, 22:07
I agree with what people are saying on here kingdom Hearts 1 and 2 was one of my most favorite games that I played and better then just putting it out just for Xbox 360 why not just put it on the Xbox market place to be downloaded at a price so you would have both xbox 360 and xbox one gamers to download and play these amazing games ether separately or as a bundle so you guys at square Enix can make this happen in a way that can even bring you guys more profit in the end and also give them the back round that would have them understand the series

26th Jun 2014, 08:13
I know a lot of you want this game on Xbox 360 or Xbox One, because I too wish everyone would like to experience the entire story before Kingdom a Hearts 3, however, this decision is entirely up to Tetsuya Nomura himself. Please take this into consideration, okay?

16th Jul 2014, 03:47
Hey Guys if you still want one of the best Jrpgs of all time on your platform then vote 4 the #khawakening collection on Xbox One.


7th Aug 2014, 21:39
I've signed petitions, voted on everything possible, and sent an email to Square Enix support listing dozens of reasons why this needs to happen! I mentioned $ in it several times to hold their attention. The amount of time and money I would invest in these games coming to the Xbox platform would be unreal. I have played every KH game to date on the PS2, GBA, DS, and 3DS. They were the most amazing games that I have ever played! The story and warm feelings that come from this game are unlike anything else.
I am overjoyed that KH3 is coming to Xbox, but those who have not played the series before will have no idea what truly lies behind the story. A new generation of gamers should be able to be introduced to this amazing series and start from where it began. With console prices skyrocketing, it divides fan to choosing one console over the other and losing games due to being exclusive on one or the other.

Please keep this alive and try your best to bring this to us, even if it comes way after the ps3 versions.

Thank you. <3

19th Aug 2014, 06:33
Well, it seems the xbox fans aren't getting their wish based on what I've read on Kingdom Hearts Insider. Turns out that it's a lot more cheaper to port to PS3 due to the coding in the original PS2 release

you can read it here, third paragraph


3rd Apr 2015, 04:32
This is one of my favorite series of a time and I would love for others to play and experience this fantastic series. If you actually pull through, Square, I'll pre order this in a heart beat. Please make #khawakeningcollection at #E32015 on the Xbox 360/Xbox One.

3rd Apr 2015, 11:35
This is something I too have always wanted. I've always been a massive fan of Final Fantasy, and this attracted me towards KH.

Kingdom Hearts being on Xbox would be a dream come true, so let's keep showing how much we want these great games.

#khawakeningcollection #E32015

3rd Apr 2015, 15:56
Please,Kingdom Hearts are a great series and I would love to see them on Xbox one.I am pretty sure that a lot of Xbox gamers loved this games,of course including me.It will be great to see Kingdom Hearts 1.5 and 2.5 remix on Xbox one and 360.

4th Apr 2015, 09:18
I LOVE KH Series and if the 1.5 and the 2.5 Remix will be announced for Xbox One i will pre order it instantly
#E32015 #khawakeningcollection

4th Apr 2015, 20:29
I won't be be getting a PS3 or PS4 just to play KH so please port this game to Xbox. #E32015 #khawakeningcollection