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15th Nov 2008, 10:13
In brief


Games for Windows LIVE version 2.0 released 12-Nov-2008

This fixes the Kane and Lynch crash to desktop that occurs a few moments after sign-in to Live

In full

I recently bought this game (old games are now cheap) and I was very annoyed with the lack of multiplayer functionality.

Like many of you I wasted my Saturday trying to implement various fixes, regressing driver versions, trying all manner of supposed patches.

I came across this forum and I realised I was not the only one!

The above patch is the fix to crash to desktop.

Now that I can access the multiplayer mode it is bitterly ironic that I can see no games to join!

Perhaps we have all waited too long, so long in fact that nobody will ever play in multiplayer mode!

It is worth noting that *Microsoft* have released this patch. Eidos and the software developers behind Kane and Lynch have, in my opinion, been exonerated by this release. Eidos have received scathing criticism on this forum and it transpires the bug must have been due to factors beyond their control.

Happy gaming

-- Dano

15th Nov 2008, 10:24
Three examples of Crash to desktop - as seen in your event viewer

Faulting application kaneandlynch.exe, version, faulting module d3d9.dll, version 5.3.2600.5512, fault address 0x00039233.

Faulting application kaneandlynch.exe, version, faulting module raphook.dll, version, fault address 0x0002bb83

Faulting application kaneandlynch.exe, version, faulting module kaneandlynch.exe, version, fault address 0x00040fc3.

16th Nov 2008, 10:55
still doesnt fix issues to Multiplayer

16th Nov 2008, 11:58
still doesnt fix issues to Multiplayer

Not managed to join a multiplayer game yet so I can't comment. No hosts are available and when I host no-one joins!

oh well :scratch:

what issues are you talking about?

23rd Mar 2009, 14:26
This didnt do anything, I don't even get to the part where I sign in.
The game ran yesterday though, with freezes and ****.