View Full Version : Texture filtering LOD problems.

12th Nov 2008, 16:20
Im playing the demo at 1600x1200 with every setting maxed and filtering set to 16x. Textures that are flat in the direction im looking at ( a wall for example ) will be really crisp as they should be regardless of how far away they are.

On the other hand ANY texture that is not directly flat in my direction of view ( the ground for example ) has nearly no filtering past maybe 5 feet in front of me. It starts decent and then immediately goes to an almost flat shaded washed out texture at a distance.

I tried forcing 16x via the nvidia control panel and i tried setting it in game. I know im getting 16x filtering because i can see the difference on non slanted textures when i toggle different settings.

Its either not applying the filtering to slanted textures at a distance or there is some funky "distance LOD bias" going on.

Or its intended. Which i highly doubt.

Is this a known issue? Anyone else getting this problem?

I'll go snap a screenshot for reference.