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10th Nov 2008, 14:56
i downloaded tomb ripper and did everything that you were supposed to do in the guide and when i saved the outfit i made and played the game, the outfit kept going away and showing again. can you help me

12th Nov 2008, 14:53
What do you mean by " the outfit kept going away and showing again"?
You mean that it was disappearing? And then you could see it again?
If yes, what was Lara wearing when your outfit was going away? Her classic outfit again?
Or nothing? Or not even her body?
What program did you use to edit the .dds files?
And when you replaced them, Tomb Ripper said " Project done" or did it say anything
else (like "your file is small")?
My english are a little bit.. weird (!), I hope you understand me.. :rolleyes: