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9th Nov 2008, 22:03
Screenshot Competition: Round XXXIV

Congratulations to all who entered. In a way, we're all winners. But in a more specific way...

rg_001100 is the winner
His entry (Oh look! I've always wanted one of these! (http://i305.photobucket.com/albums/nn235/rg_001100/RoundXXXVIsm.jpg)) earned 25 points.

The rest of the standings are:

Rai004 - 13
Love2Raid - 16
Devil666 - 10
little mis Ju - 9
Spong - 9
Jezyck - 7
Mr Croft - 0

Again, well done everyone and good luck with the next round :thumbsup:

9th Nov 2008, 22:09
Well done everyone, they were all good screens. ;)

@RG, Well done, looking forward to seeing the new round soon. :D

9th Nov 2008, 22:23
Yay! Congratulations RG and well done everybody!

Can't wait till next round! :D

10th Nov 2008, 01:41
Congrats and well done to all :)

(New round will be up shortly...)

little miss Ju
10th Nov 2008, 16:23
Well done everyone!
And thanks to Spong for putting me one place above him even though we had the same amount of points lol :D

Mr Croft
10th Nov 2008, 16:51
Congrats to everyone, specially RG ;)

10th Nov 2008, 17:09
New round is up, btw.