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9th Nov 2008, 19:36
This is the sequence of my love for Tomb Raider. The amount of love I had for each one, and at what time ine my life I played it.
Angel of Darkness- Didn't know what Tomb Raider was but I thought that the girl on the cover looked cool so I bought it. Loved it (though I'm still trying to kil boaz!):mad2: !
Tomb Raider 2- I really wanted to play it to see if I liked it as much as AoD. I did.
Legend-Loved it!!!! But I didn't know that CD took over for Core, so I was really mad that Kurtis didn't come back.
Anniversary-I was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO excited to play this after played Legend. I did feel a little disappointed with Anniversary. Don't know why.
Underworld- CAN'T WAIT FOR THIS TO COME OUT! :nut:

13th Dec 2008, 00:57
I too was a little disappointed with anniversary for unknown reasons:o