View Full Version : wasnt as complicated as i thought

9th Nov 2008, 17:38
knowing all of lara's new abilities i was fearing that there would be - :eek: a possibility i may get stuck and have to look up a walkthrough. it was nice to find out though that all that gives you several ways to solve one puzzle, not one very complicated way where you could be going round and round for ages because you didnt notice something.
the only time i had to look up a walkthrough was for tips on how to pass the horrendous lava near the end of Anniversary. the 3rd (was it?) platform was so %%^#^$ hard to get to on PC. i dunno i find that (even in this demo) i often get confused which directional button to press before a jump, and often it is the wrong one. i much preferred the console versions of the CD raiders

9th Nov 2008, 17:42
Prefer the console versions of Crystal Dynamic's Tomb Raiders?
Then you could buy a gamepad for your PC, to make it easier.

9th Nov 2008, 17:51
i've thought of that but i'm getting it on 360. my PC's too crappy to play this game anyway. had to really dial down the settings to get a decent frame rate. dont have an HDTV but whatever, can't be too ugly in SD

9th Nov 2008, 17:53
If you have a console, then that'd beat upgrading. :)
And it depends how far you look into it/how far you care about it, whether or not it looks ugly in SD. Probably also matters how far away you are from the TV...