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9th Nov 2008, 15:40
hey there

i tried the tips you gave to me but nothing helped. i also tried to update my grafic card driver but it just doesnt work. i guess either my grafic card is to old for that latest driver (which i don't really think) or the driver is strange/broken etc i don't know... somethings wrong anway.

now of course i still have vo update my driver but i need an older driver. can i run the game with that and can someone post me a link to the driver because i can't find any driver except the latest one.

i have a nVIDIA GeForce 7300 GS grafic card, and this is the latest one version 178.24:


thanks in advance!

9th Nov 2008, 16:47
Your card is in the list of supported cards for that driver, it should work.

You can click on 'beta and archived drivers' for some older ones.

Download treiber at the top then click betatreiber und archivierte treiber.

Hmm, the nvidia recommended logo is on the '94.24 whql' driver for your card.

7300gs Microsoft® DirectX® 9.0 Shader Model 3.0 Support.

I would expect your card to work it might be slow but it should work.

10th Nov 2008, 12:50
yeah i know it should work... but i dont know, the card is *****ing for some reason... :confused: i'll try it with an older driver, hopefully it will work. danke! i somehow haven't seen the "archivierte treiber" sign ^^