View Full Version : How Long Can Lara Stay Underwater?

7th Nov 2008, 23:45
I was just wondering how long can Lara hold her breath underwater, for each one of the Tomb Raider games. :) :) :)
Anyone have a clue?

8th Nov 2008, 00:01
lara has a breathe meter to tell the time that she cans stay underwater :D

8th Nov 2008, 00:02
Yeah, but how much time does it give her?

8th Nov 2008, 00:06
i don't know :nut:
ill see next time i play the demo n i tell u

8th Nov 2008, 00:15

This guy stayed underwater while swimming for 4 min

Though I'm sure that lara in the previous games, could never stay that long underwater.

8th Nov 2008, 00:20
wow !
not even lara can do that (i think) :lmao:

8th Nov 2008, 01:18
I may be wrong, as I haven't timed it or played in a while in a water level, but in the Core games, I think it 1 minute.

8th Nov 2008, 05:01
The amount of time she can hold her breath is different in each of the TR games.
In TR1-6 it's a fairly long time that she can hold her breath for; there are some pretty neat underwater levels there too.
In TR:L/TR:A she can't hold her breath for very long at all. TR:L has almost no underwater section, and TR:A has limited underwater parts to it.
In TR:U it seems she can hold her breath for longer, as well as having breathing apparatus for at least the first level. We have been shown some underwater segments of gameplay, but we have yet to see how much of the game will be underwater, and how complex the segments will be.

8th Nov 2008, 11:52
i think in coreĀ“s games its 1 min, in TRL and TRA its only 30 secs.In TRU not sure but i think it was too long:nut:

8th Nov 2008, 16:22
I just timed Tomb Raider U and it was 2 min 52 sec though I think if you move its less and if you don't its more. I think I should do more tests and see.:thumbsup:

8th Nov 2008, 16:38
In my honest opinion:

Classics: normal
TRL: too short
TRA: short, but longer than TRL I think :scratch:
TRU: too long! (but who cares, I am happy that I can take my time to explore the underwater world as well :D )


8th Nov 2008, 16:42
Yer......it seems she holds it for a long time in demo.......I really like that...give one time to explore more and enjoy the underwater graphics....really nice...... the release game may vary on that one though....rofl:lol:

8th Nov 2008, 16:49
I cannot see why people are saying the breath in Tomb Raider: Underworld is too long.

Yes, you have played the demo, but what underwater section was there at the start? There was a little paddle-pool at the start with a few sharks in it; it was not a large underwater maze/puzzle. I think the whole of TR:U (incl. all the water areas) should be taken into consideration before saying the breath metre is too large.

We know the first level is an underwater level, and she has breathing apparatus; what if that were to suddenly break underwater :whistle:...

11th Nov 2008, 03:14
i think its 2 mins