View Full Version : Tell ideas for a new game of Lara Croft

5th Nov 2008, 17:53
Hi, if you have ideas to a New Game for Lara . For example: a Game when Lara go to a other world , which do not where she has no other alternative than to explore and communicate with the underworld. Where to contact the gods and they take you in the back to Earth. But not everything went from a dream.

Lol, thats suck. But put your Ideas, who know's if your idea make a fantastic game to Lara Croft.

MAKE BY MARIO.CROFT ( The Husband of Lara Croft, of course this only a dream of Mario xD)

5th Nov 2008, 19:19
A Tomb Raider where she goes around Raiding tombs of artefacts while encountering creatures and traps that stop her, and the mercenaries of rival-raiders.

Although I think it would be a cool idea if the mercenaries were on par with Lara (movement + thinking-wise)... fighting that would be a really tough fight...

I'm not so concerned about story, but the more EPIC the better :)

5th Nov 2008, 19:36
one where shes stuck in a tomb with no option but to go forward get artifacts combine then to help with later on traps once all are combined the combine into somthing after she dose that the floor colapses and she lands in a room whith closing walls she uses super artifact to stop it she sees kurtis races after him and falls off a cliff into a river which throws her off a really rerally really big huge massive waterfall the end !

5th Nov 2008, 19:38
I`ve got some ideas...first i bealieve that they should make lara more realistic...including her moves..2nd) Who not put something like an arrival in the adventure?? like the anniversary`s...Piere at Greece! and of corse they have to unbug the game!