View Full Version : mirror puzzle

4th Nov 2008, 13:47
has anyone understood the mirror puzzle because in the shiva vignett just released the light is falling on the statue but if u keep the statue as shown nothing happens.

4th Nov 2008, 13:49
I was wondering how it works also. I have tried numerous times but have not completed it yet or figured out how to.

4th Nov 2008, 13:58
You can't complete the shiva puzzle, all you can do is lower the 2 arms..
You need to put some kind of crystels or what ever in his arms so there will me a light beam as shown in the vignet.
you probaly finds those 2 in the 2 chambers where you can't come because there are invisible walls.

4th Nov 2008, 19:10
Yeah. You can even see the second crystal in direction of one of these chambers if you manage to get through the map walls.

Also, there are two "buttons" there that move when you shoot them. They look a lot like the one in the lower Shiva's forehead, except that one does not respond to being shot.