View Full Version : Differences between the PS3 and PSV versions of FF X/X-2 HD?

23rd Jan 2014, 13:57
Hi Square Enix and Guy

I will buy FF X/X-2 games but I not sure PS3 or PSV :nut:

what different or same on the PS3 and PSV in FF X/X-2 games: :scratch:

games in walkthought?


PS3 and PSV are one Trophy?

cut scene videos in PSV?

more anything? :naughty:

please I want know you will tell me? :worship:

Thank Square Enix and Guy

7th Feb 2014, 00:19
They're literally the same thing. The only differences I've noticed are the fact that purchasing the PS3 version is an instant upgrade to the Special Edition, The PS Vita versions are split onto 2 different game carts, and the Vita version is portable. I personally bought a Vita JUST for this game but I've since opted to go for the PS3 version. In my opinion, the PS3 version will be superior since its still a stronger console than the Vita and hey, who wouldn't prefer a 60 inch tv over the Vita's screen?

14th Feb 2014, 16:29
oh i see thank guy :)

18th Oct 2014, 16:59
Dear Square Enix,

Do you have any plans to release a patch for Final Fantasy X for the PS Vita that stabilizes the framerate?
It would be very important!!!!!! Thank You!!!!! :cheek: