View Full Version : Joystick buttons wrongly labelled

2nd Nov 2008, 10:48
The d-pad/hatswitch icon in the corner of the screen doesn't match the actual d-pad. According to the icon, d-pad right should be swap guns, but I have to press d-pad left. To turn the light on, I press d-pad down, but the icon (I'm guessing) says d-pad left. And to use the camera/binoculars I press d-pad right, but the icon shows d-pad down. Only d-pad up is labelled correctly.

Also, in the game interface, Joystick/gamepad buttons are numbered starting from 0 instead of from 1. It is very annoying, since humans and gamepads number things starting from 1. And there is no meaningful description of the button. I would prefer if the game hint displayed "button 1: interact" instead of "button 0".

2nd Nov 2008, 11:11
Have you tried re-mapping the controls? Depending on your gamepad the default mapping might not be correct.

2nd Nov 2008, 16:19
This is with the default game settings.

The problems I mentioned have nothing to do with my gamepad. Things like hat switches are standard. And buttons should be numbered starting from 1 (when displayed to the user) on any joystick.

2nd Nov 2008, 17:04
Actually, hat switches are standard, but all gamepads expose them as different buttons. I think TRU has all the right defaults for the 360 controller, but not for most others.

I think the names as are shown for the buttons are provided by windows or the gamepad driver, so if the gamepad driver happens to call the first button 'button 0' then that's what the game will do as well.