View Full Version : WWE Halloween Event Produces More Believable Lara Croft

1st Nov 2008, 07:45
Hey found this article on Kotaku and thought I'd post it since it has to do with Lara Croft :D

Looks like Lara has made her away to the WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment)

''Thank goodness for MTV's Stephen Totilo's love of pro wrestling. Without it, we never would have heard about how Lara Croft triumphed over countless female wrestlers during this past weekend's WWE Cyber Sunday pay-per-view event. Mickie James represented gamers everywhere with her dark take on the Tomb Raider star, taking top honors in the competition, which featured the entire inventory of the slutty section of your local holiday costume store.''


1st Nov 2008, 07:52
Why Mickie James????:mad2: Couldn't have been represented by my least favorite WWE diva.

1st Nov 2008, 07:53
I could imagine (loaded) dual pistols could help a bit in a wrestling match :whistle:

1st Nov 2008, 08:07
I could imagine (loaded) dual pistols could help a bit in a wrestling match :whistle:

That would be a DQ. DQ=Disqualification.

1st Nov 2008, 08:09
Yeah she cheated but apparently Lara Croft(Mickie James) won, so Lara Croft in essence just conquered the wrestling world :lol: