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1st Nov 2008, 00:12
1. camera needs tweaking.

possibly a little more distance between camera and Lara? trying to look around corners to figure out jumps to opposite platforms gets a bit tricky when you can't really see it too well. also during combat, kinda of cool to be up close with the action, but it seems to close to be able to avoid taking damage.

2. weapons seem a bit underpowered.

pistols may be a cheap weapon to use to conserve ammo, but i think the sub machine guns would tear through tiers a bit better? maybe i didn't catch how many SMG rounds went in before it died, and it should be able to slow them down a bit, right?

3. pole navigation / tight-rope walking

i liked this feature! it added for me a lot of new challenges. one of the most frustrating things i had with navigating poles and tight-rope walking was when i wanted to jump down and shimmy on a side of the pole or ledge. maybe its my lack of control, but Lara seems to like dropping and grabbing on the right side of a pole more often than left. if i turn, face right and drop with the B button, i think she's supposed to hang on the left side of the pole, not auto choose the right side. seems to have trouble, probably because of the camera, and the "sweet spot" to be able to drop/hang on the left side is hard to find...

4. jumping from tight rope to tight rope.

as the controls for the demo are sensitive, shouldnt jumps to platforms in front of us be done at the very edge of the platform we are currently on? seemed like once i walked as far as i could be to the edge, trying to jump from that very same spot made me miss the intended platform all together.

5. bats/bugs

nice addition of bugs in the game, most notably spiders. they creep me out in real life as well as the game. like how i could just stomp on them, but will there always be like 4-8 bats around every corner? seems a bit like easy pickings vs bats.

i totally loved the demo aside from these minor tweaks. max detail by default is a beautiful sight, indeed, with AA off, VSync off, and one other video setting off (the last one). squashing bugs seems to be fun, as well. i liked how gracefully Lara wades/swims through water...:nut: :nut: :nut: :nut: :nut:

1st Nov 2008, 00:23
with player tailoring you can make the enemies take more damage so you can have the guns feel ''over powered'' :D :thumbsup:

thanks for posting up your thoughts jubes :cool:

1st Nov 2008, 02:47
YAAAARG!!! graphics, graphics, graphics! me thinks there are enough threads aboot graphics by now :)

here's what i am playing TR: Underworld with:



this setup gets me to max all details on a game released this year: i am soooo happy!