View Full Version : what level are you least looking forward to?

31st Oct 2008, 22:12
i am not looking forward to playing mediterranean level in some ways coz it looks pretty boring apart from where she meets natla and amanda, but thailand is ok but i have played it many times and i think i am gonna lay off playing it...

31st Oct 2008, 22:29
You've seen a little bit of two levels and you're already judging which mission in the whole game you're going to like the least? Wow man, that's pretty strange...

31st Oct 2008, 22:32
yep thats why I didn't play the demo because I knew that thailand would get repetitive:)
Oh and also all of the levels have something special about them so really I am looking foward to all of them. Just three more weeks to go wow time is going fast. Oh yeah almost forgot I Cant Wait For This Game WOOO HOOO Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Ok just had to get that out of the way.:D :D :D

1st Nov 2008, 00:44
I'm not looking forward to the Shadow Moses Island level.

1st Nov 2008, 00:50
I'm not looking forward to the Shadow Moses Island level.

umm what? :lol:

but on topic. Level I'm least looking for to? I don't think there is one :scratch:

All the levels I've seen so far look great

1st Nov 2008, 00:59
umm what? :lol:

Sorry, I've had very little sleep last night. I must be thinking of a Pokemon game.

Perhaps the Mexico level. Unless it's in Tijuana - getting Lara trashed on tequila and making out with a donkey/Speedy Gonzales would be amusing. :nut:

South of the border, down Mexico way... :whistle: