View Full Version : Please help me !!!

31st Oct 2008, 19:26
Hi guys I have a pretty new computer andI tried to download the demo for PC but I can't set the setup propaly so I can use it -- It always says that it failed to inialize the Direct3D with my current settings:scratch: I'm not really good with does kind of things so can anyone explain to me how to set it?:mad2:

31st Oct 2008, 21:49
argh! mine is doing it too. :( i am SOO upset!! i hate my damn computer

1st Nov 2008, 19:20
You need to post your computer specs and hardware info.
Processor, grahpics card, ram, operating system and anything else you feel might be helpful for us to be able to help you!! (you can find all that info either in the bios at startup, or from the control panel(either in system, or go to device driver and look at the info that it displays there). assuming you have Windows or Type in DXDIAG at the the run screen and it will come up with the info that you need there.

1st Nov 2008, 21:54
try system requirements lab

install their teeny-tiny applet that looks at your computer and compares it to the minimum and recommended specs. it will tell you what is wrong with your computer in detail.