View Full Version : Agh!!!! Too Big!!!!

31st Oct 2008, 12:45
I can't download the demo for PC! The download window says it's going to take 8 hours, but when i let it run for 8 hours it says the window has timed out!

31st Oct 2008, 12:50
i have the Same PROBLEM here but im downloading from a Download manager! its just GREAT also gives me Great SPEED! but its ok its worth the wait! Try Orbit Downloader

go to www.download.com and search and Download the LATESt its FREE

31st Oct 2008, 13:19
thanx! i'm definitely goin to go try that now!

lara 4 ever
31st Oct 2008, 14:15
Ok, but it may have viruses, doesn't it?:scratch:

31st Oct 2008, 22:41
Not from download.com CNET site..

Confiable source :)

4th Nov 2008, 20:16
im gonna tell u some weird thing.

my download first it must tooks 9 hour. and it was 20 %

and I was so mad on my lil sister because she put it away. I did download again. and it took me 10 minutes. but demo doesnt work on my computer,

yes it works on my sisters computer, and I played it al the time. and shes gonna crazy about me.

sister can I pleas play it again? sister: oeff Im gonna delete it some day!

Why you dont play it? Sister: I have no time, I dont want to play it

and it goes 10 time every day the same:P


17th Nov 2008, 09:44
there is no underworld demo on that site :scratch: