View Full Version : PS3 or XBox360 ???

30th Oct 2008, 12:51
I used to play the first Tomb Raider games on my Mac
Now I want to buy Legend, Aniversary and Underworld and a console (PS3 or XBOX360)
Which one is better for Tomb Raider ? What would you recomend ?

Ich habe die ersten Tomb Raider spiele auf dem Mac gespielt
Jetzt möchte ich Legend, Aniversary and Underworld und eine Spielkonsole (PS3 or XBOX360) kaufen.
Welche ist besser für Tomb Raider ? Welche würdet ihr empfehlen ?

THNX for any suggestion

30th Oct 2008, 13:11
HAhAHAH! Well ... If you are a DLC lover ... than Xbox360 is for you ...
I personally am a SONY fan/lover ect so PS3 is my choice ... The graphics quality is much better for me, and EVERYTHING about the PS3 is better from the Xbox(FOR ME) ... Sooo ... Dunno ... What are your needs ... Less money, or better graphics or anything else??

30th Oct 2008, 13:18
when thinkin about getting a new console there are a few things you need to consider. firstly if online gaming is important to you then you are going to want to get the console the majority of your friends have, for me this was the ps3 i have about 15 mates with a ps3 and 2 with an xbox 360 so yeah that was an easy decision for me.

secondly although the 360 version is getting DLC... im not saying thisfor certain as it is only a RUMOR at the moment... but apparently it will only be timed exclusive so if you can wait then i guess you can go with the ps3, if you want it early then 360 is your choice.

third point is money! with the recession as it is this is important... ps3 yes its the most expensive current console on the market but in my eyes it offers much more than the competiton, hence why i chose ps3. more reliability/functionality etc. (again in my opinion)

so yeah think carefully about your choice and one last point I CANT WAIT FOR NOVERMBER THE 21ST WOOOO TR:U !! :rasp: