View Full Version : Random screenshots, demo video and Shiva access video

29th Oct 2008, 23:17
I made a quick video runtrough, showing the demo for those wihtout acecss to it yet.
It's good quality, no tv recordings or photos (no offense).

It doesn't go into any specifics orpickups, merely a fast look trough the demo.
It's divided into 2 parts:

There's also my video on how to get to the Shiva statue at the side with the pole.

P.s. I'd suggest watching the videos in high quality ;)

I've also taken some random screenshots while playing :)

If there's anything specific, I am taking requests for both videos and screenshots :)
(If possible, I am having serious problems getting on the left part at the end with Shiva)


29th Oct 2008, 23:36
Cool made a similar video on how to get down on the other side using a glitch, now people can see how to do it both ways,nice :D

cool walkthrough :thumbsup: