View Full Version : Deleted Chess Game

28th Oct 2008, 20:26
If you read gaming magazines on the old days, you probably came across a image of this chess game from that was deleted Blood Omen 1:

I wonder what bug made this little mini-game be deleted from the final game...

28th Oct 2008, 23:23
beats me, though I seem to remember that the coders had a back door for getting to areas to test that was in a room like a chess board. Maybe it's a theme they wanted to work in, you know, the whole "You're nothing but a pawn" bit.

29th Oct 2008, 12:57
Look at that clock! (not the daylight clock)
That clock looks from old MacOS. Hmm...

29th Oct 2008, 16:12
Our Ben Lincoln wrote something on this a while back.