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28th Oct 2008, 11:35
Hi can somebody give me a simple guide to how i could create a level with a wad from tomb raider 3 using wadmerger! :p

Wt im asking for is that , i no how to use wadmerger but i dont no how to make it so i can create and play a tomb raider 3 based level/game. :D

Coz when i copy the tomb raider 3 wads into eg. tut.1 everythings fine untill i load the level and it says somthing like : there has been a error and u have to option wheather to debug or cancel and both quit off the game!!! :mad2:

Bradders :p

28th Oct 2008, 14:19
Isn't it about time you read the manual and built the tutorial level and learned how to build and quit cluttering up this forum with your nonsense?


28th Oct 2008, 17:18
sorry to burst ur bubble but ive already read the manual and built the tutorial level so just stay out of my threads! :rasp:

28th Oct 2008, 18:44
Let me explain:

Wadmerger is to create wads, not levels
A .wad file is a file that include objects
You can load .wad files on the editor

There's no way you can create a level on "Wadmerger", you can make a .wad file with TR3 object by loading a .tr2 file.

TR2 files are located on the "data" folder on Tomb Raider 1, 2 and 3 CD-ROMs