View Full Version : Thief 3 will not run on Vista?

28th Oct 2008, 11:11
I have looked at other threads but found no solution. The game is simply unable to run, with no crash popups or whatever to notify me the problem. I have tried running the game in Win XP compatibility mode, run as admin, reinstalled, but everytime I double click the desktop icon or Play Game at the cd menu, nothing happens. This really gets on me as I love TDS. My Dx has no problem as it detected that I am using Dx10 which is more than capable of playing games like this.

My computer specs are.. Intel Core2Quad Q6600, Nvidia GeForce 8600GS, 4GB of RAM, and 421GB left in the hard disk. I have the latest graphic drivers and such.

Can someone please tell me what I could do? Oh just to make sure, I'll say it again that it never crashed or anything, just one day suddenly I am unable to open it, like it's dead or something. PLEASE HELP ME!

28th Oct 2008, 19:21
Try these. DS, and other thief games have problems with GeForce, and Nvidia cards, as well as multicore processors.

Check ALL these links and set the User preferences to at least a month, or do a SEARCH THIS FORUM with appropriate key words.

Thief will run with VISTA, but was not designed to do so. Some people have done it with various tweaks, but not that many, at the moment.

The only thing you can do is to try the various suggestions, including but not limited to trying OLDER drivers for your Vcard.

There is no specific cure for all VISTA related problems and, while not running THIEF is common, the cures and causes are not.





14th Apr 2009, 17:08
I had a problem running T3 on vista. After uninstalling it and reinstalling it 3 times I tried running it in compatability mode.
Two things:
Install the program in a directory other than Program Files. I installed it in C:\game.

Create a desktop shortcut. right click on properties. Go to Compatibility tab and and click on choose Run in Compatability Mode. Widows Xp.

For me it ran after that.

It seems that the problem is the CD check compatibility with Vista.

Good Luck

18th Apr 2009, 14:11
Thief Deadly Shadows Ran Smoothly and perfectly on Vista 64..I dont even need to use compatibility mode or such..here's what i do..

1) Install the 3CD Version of Thief III.
2) Download the Patch 1.1,
3) Launch The Game.

Thats it...so far have not encounter any issues..

My Specs:
Vista 64bit SP1
Intel Q9550
Nvidia Asus GTX295
8GB OCZ Reaper Ram
1TB WD HD Space
Creative X-fi Titanium Championship Series