View Full Version : "Faithline" Reality Shift

4th Aug 2012, 00:59
I don't think I'm using this move correctly. I managed to connect the points together, but all Riku and Sora do is slide along it until I press a button, interuppting the flow. However, when I try to attack enemies, I manage to hit maybe just 1 or 2, not all points, so what am I suppose to do hit all the enemies that are in the pathway? D:

4th Aug 2012, 01:46
It's much more reliable to use the reality shift prompt on the enemies themselves (while attacking) to damage them using Faithline/Holy Rope, instead of on the orbs. You'll see the enemy positions appear as Meow Wow faces if you do so, and you draw lines between them to attack.

5th Aug 2012, 00:58
Also, if something is obstructing your path then you'll be stopped, regardless whether or not you made a loop. The orbs are more for getting to the high places/moving quickly without flomo.