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25th Oct 2008, 05:40
Can someone tell me how to make a poll?:scratch:

25th Oct 2008, 05:43
Read the FAQ (http://forums.eidosgames.com/faq.php) :)

New Player entering the game.

Every newly registered user becomes a New Player after his second post. New Players can write Private Messages, they can not have images in their signature and can not post polls.


After being a New Player here for 30 posts and 14 days you become a Gamer. You can now have images in your signature and post your own polls.

Creating a new poll

When you post a new thread, you may have the option to also create a poll.

This function allows you to ask a question and specify a number of possible responses. Other members will then be able to vote for the response they wish, and the results of the voting will be displayed in the thread.

An example poll might be:

What is your favorite color?

Sky-blue pink with yellow spots
To create a poll when you post a new thread, simply click the 'Yes! post a poll' checkbox at the bottom of the page, and set the number of possible responses you want to include.

When you click the submit button, you will be taken to the poll creation page, where you can specify the question and the list of responses you want to include.

You may also want to specify a time limit for the poll, so that (for example) it only stays open for voting for a week.

25th Oct 2008, 15:47
Thnx. I knew I couldn't create a poll yet, but I was just wondering for future reference.

20th Dec 2008, 07:18
Damn i need like 5 more posts:mad2:

20th Dec 2008, 07:19
and then 10 more after that.