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25th Oct 2008, 05:12
I think most of us love Kurtis Trent, do we not? Raise your hand if you want him to be brought back in a future game.

*raises hand*
*raises hand*
*raises hand*

Once you have raised your hand we can all druel over Kurtris and how we want to marry him someday. :D :D :D

Sound fun?

25th Oct 2008, 05:19
I think most of us love Kurtis Trent, do we not?

Ok, so some people do 'like' Kurtis Trent, but about a third of people don't...

And it's about 50/50 split about wanting him back in TR:U...

I don't think there are so many people drooling over KT, though.

25th Oct 2008, 05:58
ok ppl. if you don't like Kurtis you are welcome here. I was just trying to make a point that if you don't like him it is absoulutely pointless for you to be on this thread.

Srry peeps.

Well, Im off to bed. Nitey Nite!
Dont let the bed bugs bite!:p

25th Oct 2008, 06:40
as rg_001100 stated, there are already many threads about this

heller4u, I advise you to actually read our terms of use, as you should have done when you registered here. you may not use special characters to circumvent the censor. this is your first warning

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