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24th Oct 2008, 14:19
With alot of games now packaged with DRM will BSP also have this protection method? Alot of people do not buy games with DRM and well i just hope BSP wont be one of them.

Whats do you guys think on the DRM protection method.?

I think it's ok if you get the installs back if you uninstall (like Far cry 2) you get 3 systems you can install on and 5 times on each system. Each time you uninstall you get your install back.

But the DRM is not fool proof and somethings might cause you to lose an install.

24th Oct 2008, 21:13
so you're saying BSP shouldn't have the drm method thing?

in my opinion it should have the ability to not ask for cd

cause i play way too many games and i switch too often

and there were times i snapped a cd and some were stuck which led to problems

yeah i think DRM might be bad cause if you have a virus and you need to reboot your pc then you lose 1 install then that'll be a bummer

but i reallly don't mind

25th Oct 2008, 16:59
I'm glad this topic came up. It's an important issue.
There is no need to list all the concerns related to this DRM/SecuROM issues. If somebody is interested in the details just go and check for example at amazon.com the "1 star" ratings and comments on the titles.

As for myself there are two critical points that made me decide not to buy any SecuROM "infected" titles:

1. During the installation a hidden piece of software gets installed on your machine that communicates with the outside world. This DRM component does not uninstall with the games it came with. Furthermore even with the best intent from it's developer it can serve as a backdoor for viruses and trojans trying to infect my PC. All this installation goes unnoticed and irreversible. This is clearly a violation of privacy.

2. The install limits might (!) be justifiable, however there is no guarantee that support will be available to reset the counter even when it is justifiable. 3 or 5 installs might do on the short run, however knowing how unreliable Windows is and also assuming you might want to re-install this title in 4-6 years time makes me wonder if I really got any kind of ownership for the price I paid or it's just a terribly expensive "rental".

All in all: so far we have seen EA releasing its new titles with DRM/SecuROM, I do not know about EIDOS. Let's hope they keep themselves detached from this infection.

Last but not least: the major problem with DRM/SecuROM that finally it clearly does not limit piracy (Spore was cracked a week BEFORE official release). On the other hand DRM clearly makes complication for the people who choose to PAY for the product. This is what makes it really unfair. Why punish those who are willing to pay...

26th Oct 2008, 06:18
One of the best examples of how CP is handled is with Stardock. Read for yourself and the updated gamers bill of rights.

Read: http://www.edge-online.com/features/stardocks-copyright-security-solution

The Gamers Bill of Rights (Revised)

Gamers shall have the right to return games that are incompatible or do not function at a reasonable level of performance for a full refund within a reasonable amount of time.
Gamers shall have the right that games they purchase shall function as designed without defects that would materially affect the player experience.
Gamers shall have the right that games will receive updates that address minor defects as well as improves gameplay based on player feed back within reason.
Gamers shall have the right to have their games not require a third-party download manager installed in order for the game to function.
Gamers shall have the right to have their games perform adequately if their hardware meets the posted recommended requirements.
Gamers shall have the right not to have any of their games install hidden drivers.
Gamers shall have the right to re-download the latest version of the games they purchase.
Gamers whose computers meet the posted minimum requirements shall have the right to use their games without being materially inconvenienced due to copy protection or digital rights management.
Gamers shall have the right to play single player games without having to have an Internet connection.
Gamers shall have the right to sell or transfer the ownership of a physical copy of a game they own to another person.