View Full Version : what is your favorite enemies in the tombraider series

24th Oct 2008, 01:42
ive always been a fan of tombraider even when ps1 was around, my favorite eneimies of coarse are the t-rex ,the big cats, king kong, the raptors, the alligators, sometimes i try to avoid shooting the animals but thats all part of the game:rasp:

24th Oct 2008, 03:16
Natla, and the Atlantean monsters/mummies.

24th Oct 2008, 06:22
Ayup ALL...

Not so much enemies, as 'Obstacles to be overcome' (thanks for the tranq gun, Eidos...) The Tigers in Thailand...:cool: :D

24th Oct 2008, 08:09
Lions in TRA.
I hate raptors! I hate their disgusting noise!
I really enjoy killing centaurs (over and over again.. :) )

24th Oct 2008, 09:35
1) Natla
2) Kraken - I think he's absolutely awesome.
3) Tigers
4) Atlantean Creatures
5) Those blade-throwing guys in The Dragons Lair, just before entering the lair.
6) Sharks
7) I also like the look of the Naga
8) All end level bosses, especially the Dragon from TR2

1) Gorrilas and their horrible noises from both TR1 and TRA
2) Lions from TR1
3) Lizzards from TR3
4) Human enemies from TRL as there were way too many.

1) Raptors, horrible noise they make, but excellent enemy.
2) Huge Spiders, very scary, very cool.
3) Human enemies, I like them but not when used in excess.
4) Amanda, she's passionate for what she wants, but no one should mess our Lara around like she does!


24th Oct 2008, 10:36
The person I most like to kill is Sophia at the end of TR3's London levels. Her incessant cackling winds me up no end so I like blowing her fuse no end :D

24th Oct 2008, 17:29
i think this underworld game has some awesome creatures. from what ive seen the tigers look pretty cool. and that giant octopus lol. reminds me of the giant octopus in king kong vs godzilla