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23rd Oct 2008, 20:25
pczone the lead developer said that deu ex 1 is kinda slow what stupid bs lets call this punk and and tell him to go to hell for ever hit the link news in pczone:mad2:

23rd Oct 2008, 20:28
In before lock :p

23rd Oct 2008, 20:28
I hereby vote for a system where a person isn't allowed to create a new topic until at least 24 hours after registering (Heck, maybe even a week), so that, you know, that person is forced to check if something has already been discussed and post in the relevant thread, rather than creating duplicated threads.

And the comment is in Edge, not PC Zone.

Ahh, whats the use.

23rd Oct 2008, 20:59
Nor do we know enough to say whether the Dev actually said that. :p

Ahh, what's the use. *loads shotgun* Alright, who wants to take potshots at the people that don't read the big, drawn out topics before posting?

23rd Oct 2008, 21:12
The one bright side is that when someone registers on a forum to talk about Deus Ex, and they pick a name like "dentonjc", you know right from the start that they're too dumb to bother reasoning with.

23rd Oct 2008, 21:44
Deus Ex 3 Guy Says Deus Ex 1 Was "Kinda Slow" (http://kotaku.com/5066944/deus-ex-3-guy-says-deus-ex-1-was-kinda-slow)

Proof enough for you? Has a source. As far as I'm concerned, whoever said that is a moron. Deus Ex was meant to be slow, IMO, it's like most RPGs, where you can take it easy, look around, do secondary missions and strategize.

With most FPS games all you do is run in and blast everything.

23rd Oct 2008, 22:14
yea and i think that i was the first one that got deus ex 1 on may of 2000 the only reason that i am new on this site is because i love deus ex untill the day i died and i am 30 yrs old so i know the deal sorry if i was to late i never check the thread :rasp:

23rd Oct 2008, 22:16
For your sake, I hope English isn't your native language.

23rd Oct 2008, 22:27
For your sake, I hope English isn't your native language.

Me too.

23rd Oct 2008, 22:51
Welcome to our very friendly forum, dentonjc! :)

*Joins kieranator for a round of target practice* :D

23rd Oct 2008, 22:52
*cough*gohere (http://forums.eidosgames.com/showthread.php?t=81333)*cough*