View Full Version : Deus Ex 3 Guy Says Deus Ex 1 Was "Kinda Slow" [Yet another coffin nail]

22nd Oct 2008, 16:47

Clearly they put their best foot forward for this interview.

People such as I who enjoyed the VersaLife environment, weep. (yea I said that before)

22nd Oct 2008, 16:50
In before the lock, this has been discussed extensively in another thread.

22nd Oct 2008, 16:51
oh wow I'm slow

22nd Oct 2008, 16:53
Yeah, it appears as though that was paraphrasing by Edge, plus, we're automatically assuming hes referring to more action in the same time frame, rather than a longer game which as a result, has more wow moments.

22nd Oct 2008, 16:58
In other words, they've shouted "NO NO YOU'VE GOT IT ALL WRONG" as soon as they found out people didn't agree?

22nd Oct 2008, 17:05
More that, yet again, we have a statement being used out of context ... I'm not necessarily saying they did it as a cynical attempt to sell magazines, but certainly they could've used a better choice of words... Or focused on an issue less likely to cause panic.

But certainly if you look at what the original web article says, it self contradicts with the lines:

Deus Ex was “kind of slow”.

But he said developer Eidos Montreal would not attempt to dumb down the much-loved RPG-shooter franchise.

Also, I happen to know that one of the journalists at rock paper shotgun takes issue with the way certain games blogging sites report rumours they recieve... This from a journalist (And journalists themselves don't necessarily always have the best of reputations)?

22nd Oct 2008, 17:26
What he said about dumbing down the game was in reference to consoles. The "kinda slow" comment was him talking about "memorable moments" in Deus Ex 3. What an incredibly stupid thing to say.

22nd Oct 2008, 18:22

22nd Oct 2008, 18:30
Deus Ex 3 Guy Says Deus Ex 1 Was "Kinda Slow"

At this point, let me remind you that Sheldon Pacotti, lead writer for Deus Ex 1, considers himself

Slower Than Pynchon

22nd Oct 2008, 18:56

ROFL :lol:

22nd Oct 2008, 19:22
Yep, please see this thread: http://forums.eidosgames.com/showthread.php?t=81333&page=3