View Full Version : Phil Spencer vice president of Microsoft shows support for our petition

22nd Jan 2014, 00:01
Hey everyone Once again this is the creator of the petition to bring KH HD 1.5 remix to the Xbox 360 and im writing today to tell you that phil Spencer of Microsoft gaming studio signed our petition. he says that he supports our initiatives and that he believe it should be ported. my petition has came a long way since the last time it was posted here and it truly gained traction in the Xbox community. Square Enix if you are reading this we are willing to fundraise this game if need be and Know sales for this game will be tremendous there's a good chance it will blow out ps3 sales. we want this game and we will NOT purchase kingdom hearts 3 without playing 1.5 and 2.5 remix(or any other square enix games or products for that matter) . You guys can port this and if you need help doing it Microsoft is there , the Xbox community is together on this petition and we hope that you guys are with this as well Once again we ask for you to port this game and in return we will buy it masses and will continue to support Square Enix products . XBOX has spoken will you listen #weawaitkhgreatness

here are a few articles talking about phil spencer signing our petition :)



15th Apr 2014, 06:26
While I don't think it'll blow up the charts, the HD remakes need to be there, since there will be quite a number of Xbox One players who will have no clue about what is happening on screen when KH3 happens. I supported the petition. These, and Persona 5 (but this is Square, not Atlus) need to be on Xbox platforms.