View Full Version : laptop crash after battle, is there any solutions?

21st Oct 2008, 03:19
the game always crash after the battle, is there any solutions? all i see here are questions but no answer from eidos....:scratch:

and how can i play IG without using the cd? i have copied the the games in my disk but it stilll won't work, the game always look for the cd...

anyone can help me with this i appreciate it... thanks

1st Dec 2008, 10:57
There is a solution to the problems of IG restarting/crashing. :D Of which, for me, it happened mostly after land battles. Thankfully, a member on this forum named Eugene Clisson posted a solution which I decided to test, surprisingly, it worked!
I have no more problems and I can play the game without it ever crashing (On Vista!)
Yes, Vista...

The solution i to disableall sound. There's a button in the audio section ofthe menu which will disable all sounds.

The original post with the answer is here: http://forums.eidosgames.com/showthread.php?t=79905

All the best, I hope it works for you too! :rolleyes: :D