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21st Jan 2014, 19:16
Ok, there's been a bit of discussion about other human classes - but the whole discussion is a little limited by the fact that the Vampires have the nigh inevitable development of the other clans to look forward to. The Humans however haven't got anything much suggested, apart from Sarafan (who I think are a bit done) and some kind of giant, a bit like the guys in Defiance. So taking this I thought I'd have a play around with a class idea, which I would take great pleasure in if you could tear up and make suggestions, as in fairness I haven't played the Alpha yet, and have only seen limited glimpses of the gameplay. Anyway here goes...

Class Name: Pygmy Tracker
Faction: Humans
Locations: Termagant Forest and surrounding swamp
Leader: Unknown.
Belief System: Polytheism, belief in dead Guardian "Bane"
Weapons: Blowpipe, boomerang


When the dust of the War of Extermination settled, many of the Humans had died or been dragged off to slave pens and blood farms. However, some parts of Nosgoth did not require much conquering, as the life there was so harsh, contained so few potential meals, or was inaccessible due to environmental constraints. Some places were forgotten when so much blood could be siphoned elsewhere. One such area, the Termagant swamp, was planned to be drained, making the Lieutenants' Legions march to the rebel held South much easier. However this ambitious start to this plan was halted by the disappearance of several parties of work slaves and their Vampire overseers. Other than the knowing beam of the Ignis Fatuus, there was no sign as where they had gone, or what manner of creature had taken them.

Had these mysterious attackers - the pygmies - always been there, or were a surviving offshoot from past conflicts? Their emissaries' arrival in the Watcher camp stationed in Dark Eden caused a lot of surprise, so much so that they were nearly killed, mistaken as some hostile force. The Northern rebels were amazed to learn about a race of people diminutive in size, but very fierce, and capable of taking on much larger opponents. Vampires these pygmies called "Voradas," and when they heard the word said they would clutch at their beads and charms, as if warding off a forgotten evil. Their commitment to the War was easy to see, and so quickly an alliance was agreed, a group of their warriors joining Watcher contingents heading for all nearby battlefields, whilst a small party of the swamp dwellers returned to their home to recruit more Trackers to the cause.

With unusual potions and poisons drawn from their own traditions, as well as weapons suited to their paludal environs, the pygmies are a dangerous prospect for any Vampire not fast enough to get out of their line of sight, who they can slow down and damage over time with their methods. Years of fighting the walking corpses, mutants and shades of the Termagant swamp have made the pygmies superstitious and wary folk. Though they share none of the gods of the other rebels, and speak a language barely intelligible to outsiders, whatever they believe in allows them a great deal of grace and luck in combat. Whether their ways prove too strange for the Vampire Hunters, Scouts and Alchemists in the long-term remains to be seen.


Blowpipe - medium range. Does x amount of damage
Sleeper Shot - the pygmy launches a medium range, sedative shot from their blowpipe that not only inflicts damage but makes the opponents' movements slow and easily followed. Lasts for 5 seconds.
Boomerang - long range. The boomerang curves in an arc returning to the thrower. Has a chance to badly injure, and sometimes decapitate enemies with its sharpened sides. Long cool-down.


Blood Steps - the pygmy can briefly make out the recent footprints of Vampire in a certain radius on the ground. Foot-prints show up for 3 seconds.
Given the Slip - the pygmy quickly applies a muddy poultice that makes them hard to hold onto for 5 seconds. 1.5 second cast. Long cool-down.

21st Jan 2014, 20:57
It's hot. As human civs crashed and burned one of the few remaining sources of hope for the species would be bushmen like these who could still hunt and provide for themselves while the more civilized Nosgothians were helpless and at the vampires' mercy. There'd be that depressing LOK style quality to it, too: how the mighty have fallen and now these pygmies must be counted as one of humanity's best options for fighting the vamps.

21st Jan 2014, 21:36
Thanks diuqSehT :) I was trying to think of some kind of group that could have existed on the outsides (or impassable insides) of Nosgoth. I remember seeing something (which is probably disputed) about how humans could become gigantic in the course of 1000 years or so, around 7ft, which in turn I suppose means they could become tiny if they needed to be. Also, a small number of vampires who are immortal, could easily live in some particular area and have an effect of a larger population of mortal humans, whose smallest and quickest members would escape. In time the smallest members, ones who could survive on reduced calorie intake and reached adulthood faster (as I think pygmies do), would survive. They would have to perhaps abide in the more watery, inhospitable parts of the Termagant swamp to avoid the vamps (apart from Rahabim, but we don't know much about them yet), venturing out into the forest to collect food. Although they'd survive perhaps in the short term, the vampires are using smokestacks to block the sun, which would affect the plant-life that they might need for food, and make the pygmies' life harder and harder.

They'd be quite disadvantaged in terms of resources compared to some of the other groups. They might not have access to any mines and sites for metalwork unlike the Watchers and the Ironguard. So they'd have to develop weapons that were crude but effective. With the blowpipes they couldn't hope to really defeat vampires, but they could draw them into deeper areas to get them wet, or perhaps use a more dangerous weapon in the form of a boomerang, or maybe a launched javelin.