View Full Version : What will be the importance of mobile devices in the game?

17th Oct 2008, 00:15
I have question. What significant role will mobile devices play in this game? In DX1, there were very little mobile devices such as: cell phones, PDA, and such. But in 1997, cell phones aren't what they are today. Having stated that,

Will the world of DX3 have an important use for mobile devices like PDAs, or Cell Phones? Then could possiblly a cell phone replace the multi-tool or hacking using an Ice-Breaker program?

17th Oct 2008, 01:44
I'd be a little disappointed to see cell phones and PDA's in 2025. It'd be like using a Commodore in a "futuristic" 1985 game that took place in 2000.

The trouble with making a prequel of a futuristic game many years after the original (I guess this is why the future past progressive was created) is you have to come up with technology older than what you predicted we would get without today's insight on where we already stand. Some of the stuff they came up with in 1997 is already there, or at least standing on the doorstep. How do you predate this sort of technology without killing the future effect?

Or, how do you come up with a possible and logical evolution of today's telecommunication wonders when your older newer world didn't go as far?

I guess that's where Cyberpunk comes in handy, where the new technology blends with the ruins of past decadence.