View Full Version : Hitman Blood Money - Error during installation: "M06_Inte.bik"

15th Oct 2008, 19:31
Just in the middle of the installation I get this error and I got 3 options "Retry, Cancel and Ignore" when I press the Ignore it finishes the install, after I try entering the game it plays the videos till the one with Raven flying around and after that it throws me back to Desktop.

It states it can't open it or something during the install, I searched the tag in forums and I saw no other person complaining about it.


15th Oct 2008, 22:06
It would be nice if someone could send me his bik file... my e-mail is Morkatog@hotmail.com , I'm searching it for HOURS :/ still... without no success.

15th Jan 2009, 19:41
I had the same problem, just click ignore. Its just a video file.

29th Sep 2011, 13:49
Could someone send me the "Scriptcs" folder of the hitman blood money please ?
It errors while installing and in the game nothing moves .
My email is "mbatman0@gmail.com"
Thank you everyone