View Full Version : For Portuguese people. sorry the others

Pedro Croft
14th Oct 2008, 20:53
:o I sorry for the other people of other country but this thread its dedicated to portuguese people.
Oi a todos para quem é português, gostaria de dizer que se quiserem visitar o meu site (ainda não não está acabado) o endereço é http://www-larasmanor.blogspot.com/2007_11_01_archive.html por favor comentem.:D

14th Oct 2008, 22:39
tas a dar um fora ao resto do pessoal muita forte

15th Oct 2008, 07:15
I am sorry, but that won't work. We had a thread like that before and it was my observation that this kind of thing is not good for the community. And I do not really see the point.

I am German and I would not talk to anyone here in German because I find it rude to exclude others. That is what the private message system is for. ... not the being rude part, but to exclude others. ;)