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14th Oct 2008, 19:07
I think I am not the only one to have found this. I know it's rather off-topic, concerning DX3, but it concerns Deus Ex in general, so I bring it up (I am also curious :cool: ).

So, for those who don't know what I am talking about, check these links:

imdb (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0152355/fullcredits#cast)

youtube (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nc9efa0j8O4)

What's the story about this video? Ideas or clarifications would be really welcome :) :)

14th Oct 2008, 19:28
That was the single most confusing video I have ever seen in my entire life.

14th Oct 2008, 19:35
The Deus Ex references seem to be some kind of prank. As you probably know, IMDB, much like wikipedia, can mostly be edited by anyone. Creating a bogus cast list for an obscure short movie and getting away with it should be easy. If you wait until the credits in the video itself, well...

14th Oct 2008, 19:47
Yes, I did saw that there is absolutely no connection between the video and the game, except the one mentioned in imdb. I was curious though, because it confused me a LOT as well...

14th Oct 2008, 19:54
You need to watch more arthouse :rasp:

A short description i found of the flick:

Seduction of a Cyborg metaphorically and poetically traces the invasion of technology into a body, the eventual addiction to technology, the destruction of an immune system through the addiction. As the central character, seduced into the cyborghood becomes part of the media she has become addicted to and thereby witnesses the pollution of history, memory and ideology. The effects were designed from digitized and manipulated images of computer chips.

14th Oct 2008, 20:18
Hehehe, I kinda understood the video, the connection with the Deus Ex characters got me confused. I would bet there is none, but who knows...?