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13th Oct 2008, 23:30
Ok the Time has finally come for me to say a few things...

Reading the recent news regarding Deus Ex 3 has spurred me on to make this move. Join this forum etc

I played Deus Ex when it came out and there has never been a better computer game. Deus Ex 2 wasn't bad but obviously got a lot of things wrong.

I'm quite sure someone has a thread on this forum where people offer their opinions but I can't find it, so I just want to say a few things and please the developers listen...although i suspect they won't.

1 - This game has to be long...long long long...charge me double i don't care...i will pay you huge sums of money for this game, but make it deep and long. Don't give me a Deus Ex 2 kind of over in five minutes situation please.

2 - Basically Deus Ex 1 had everything right apart from the shooting mechanics...copy that mofo. I have a really good idea for the shooting mechanics also....remember the game SWAT 4...the shooting mechanics in that is perfect for this game...PERFECT...the crosshair, the feel of it...everything...copy that mofo.

3 - I just read you are going to include Auto-Heal???????? Noooooooo please noooooo, don't give me that Call of duty BS. Call of Duty is not a great game it is a good game and if anyone says its great well that's just because of the multiplayer aspect. Telling me you are giving Deus Ex 3 Auto Heal is like stabbing me in the face with a 12inch knife. DONT DO IT....PLEASE...IT IS A MISTAKE...I don't know if you are under pressure to make it like that for consoles or for people who are retarded or whatever...but don't do it...it is so arcadey and so very very lame...

4 - Covering...When I heard you were using a covering system that really worried me...REALLY WORRIED...PLEASE please please don't make it like a cover and fire game or anything remotely like that. If this game ends up as some sort of static shifting cover game in any context I will cry...CRY...it was fine in Deus Ex 1...Just copy Deus Ex 1 but improve the AI and shooting mechanics and bingo you have a masterpiece.

5 - Just don't make it gay I beg you, if in doubt COPY DEUS EX (first game)...just copy whatever they did there. You have the opportunity to create the greatest game in the history of all things....seriously this game could be it...the best ever for all eternity.,., Ok slight exagerration but really it is a serious business.

6 - If you fail and turn this game into some short ass, auto healing, covering, console piece of poo poo I will sue your asses for the money to fund the inevitable crack habit i will develop after the dissapointment.

I'm sure all you developers are nice people, but really when i hear about things like Auto Heal I start to worry where this game is going...make it something sacred...something special...don't turn it into a load of poo

14th Oct 2008, 00:39
You are right about one thing...

there are much more appropriate threads to post your negative comments on.

Moving on.

14th Oct 2008, 04:08
Ok the Time has finally come..........

Seriously? This has been said a thousand times. There are other threads for this. It is so unnecessary to come here and make your first post a rant. That is not going to help anyone or anything. You are entitled to your opinion by all means, but don't abuse your privilege to make a thread instantly when you come here.