View Full Version : Help with sky graphics!

13th Oct 2008, 14:56
Hi, im using the cleparta wad and im creating an outside room, how do i get it so i have sky graphics and the background graphics!:confused: ive got them in my wad i just dont no how to use them?

13th Oct 2008, 15:29
That's covered in the manual.


13th Oct 2008, 17:16
no it isnt coz it only says , that u have to click on the black colour at the bottom and click it on the walls and that but it turns out all black :mad2:

13th Oct 2008, 19:07
You have to enable the horizon in the script. Add the horizon= ENABLED line to your script like this:

Name= Playable Tutorial Level
Horizon= ENABLED

14th Oct 2008, 14:00
oh ok ill try it

14th Oct 2008, 16:10
The Cleopatra wad does not have an horizon object in it. :whistle:

15th Oct 2008, 13:36
yes it does!!!!!!!! so wt do i do with it? :confused:

15th Oct 2008, 14:35
Did you read Georges post!

15th Oct 2008, 17:03
i did do wt he said but its still black when u play it

16th Oct 2008, 06:12
Since you are using the cleopal wad, I assume you output your level as cleopal. In that case, in the script find the section

Name= Cleopatra's Palaces

and add

Horizon= ENABLED

Then you have to run script.bat (or some other .bat file, whatever you have there). Make sure script.dat and english.dat in the main trle folder get updated.